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Selamat Ari Gawai

Wishing all my dearest friends and my iban cousins a happy Gawai. Uha!!!!.
The best thing about Gawai is because of the long holidays and therefore Sarawakians will only be back to work on 3rd June 2009.Yessss!!!.. And as usual long holidays means loads of wedding invitations to attend to and one of it is my first cousin's wedding tomorrow. After that I would ngabang to my friends' house for Gawai celebrations.

One fine day at SCV with Aishah and Claudia AF7



Proudly taking this pix behind Rumah Tinggi Melanau, Sarawak Cultural Village, Damai, Santubong.

I was at SCV, Damai tracking both Claudia & Aishah for the Trek Selebriti Program. Since that I was free that afternoon, I decided to follow my sister tracking Jimi and the girls. It was fun and the weather was very kind too.

Bling-Bling girls in action.

The crowning of Miss Bling-Bling '09.
My darling...sha lalala.....
Oh Diana! di poco2kan....

Finally, I've managed to upload loads of pictures during our Bling-Bling Nite Dinner which was held The Banquet, Heliconia Restaurant on 9/5/2009. This was the first dinner organised wholly by ourselves and we managed to generate substantial income out of sponsorships and our very own purses. Theme of the night was Bling-Bling Nite and I was happy to see that everyone of us came up our with our very own version Bling-Bling. was a fantastic evening and the feedbacks received (especially from our bosses and the big boss's wife) were very positive. I guess, there will another one next year.

A secretary's diary

Pictures first ya...internet problem lak dari tadi.