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Phew! I don’t feel rajin at the moment but I thought I just blog a teeny bit. Long time no see to this nearly abandoned blog.  Nothing much but I managed to bake Congo Bars for a friend and right after delivery I stopped by to cut my hair. Its been 6 mths since the last hair cut. I feel like a mess everytime I look at the mirror. Dah macam Hantu Kak Limah 😉😉😉.  Whatever,  so for lunch today, I prepared Ayam masak Bunga Kantan.  Initially it was supposed to be Ayam Masak Serai but somehow I ended up adding bunga kantan aka Ginger Torch flower.

After a long hiatus from blogging, I had to start from scratch to upload and putting a watermark on the picture.  Mind-boggling process for me la! 

Trying out the calligraphy apps in my phone and I come up with this watermark.  Like seriously, I really have to explore all those stuff again.  (sigh!!!!!!!!).
Back to the recipe, this tomato sambal was inspired from an Indonesian restaurant in town.   A very dear old classmate introduced the rest…

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