Saying Hello Again...

After quite sometime, MIA and here I am still wondering what to ramble here.  Alhamdulillah! Its 2020 already and I never thought that I would still be around 2020. Been busy with a lot of things, especially baking things that I wanted to bake since sometime. Such bakes as in Mixed fruit cake that I have been baking a couple of times since the beginning of the year.  I never thougt that I would seriously get to bake a fruit cake.  Fruit cake has always been in my fear list to do actually as I never seem to come up with a good fruit cake.  But then again, as they say practice makes perfect..not perfect yet but am glad that I received some orders yeah!!! that is one little achievement for me.

Practice! Practice! Practice

I was on practicing spree the last couple of weeks.  Nothing serious actually as I was so engrossed with getting the perfect scones. Yes! SCONES!!! ☺☺☺☺

See, how crazy I was with getting it right from the beginning.  I am a scone lover and honestly I have never tasted any other scones except those made by yours truly.  Therefore, I can't claim to say that I made the best scones but its a self-achievement for me.  Over the years, I have tried to get the scones like those I saw in the magazines, YT and TV.  I never gave up though and so just recently the craziness started again and walla....I did it!!!. There were basic scones with eggs and yogurt, savoury scones, blueberry scones, sultana scones and finally the basic eggless scones *the last 3 photos*. 

Having said and done that, am sconeliciously satisfied with myself.

Over-Baked Congo Bars

I love Congo Bars @ Blondies than Brownies actually though I baked more Brownies than Congo Bars.  I must admit, I have only tried around 2 - 3 Cong Bars recipes and I have decided to stick to the one from This recipe is a keeper and never failed to get repeat orders from my customers. So I baked this Congo Bars last week,  a bit overbaked though but still delicious. I just dumped all the left-overs from Raya Haji baking to come up with this Nutty Chocolatey Congo Bars. Yumm!!!

Saying Hello again....

Dalam malas-malas nak berblogging bagai nak, kesian juak nanga gambar macam2 jenis kek yang diambik. Share jaklah, share gambar jak, resepi courtesy of Mr. Google lah. Semua urusan di ujung jari kinek, ketek2 jak sia.  😃😁😃😄
Just sharing some cakes and bakes during the last Hari Raya Haji.  I braved myself to indulge with fruit cake baking now, alhamdulillah my fruits floats nicely and none sank.    

 Steamed Prune Cake
 Mixed Fruit Cake
Cream Cheese Pound Cake
This particular recipe surprised me as it has the same fluffiness and buttery taste similar to Mita Butter Cheese Cake. Am sure Kuchingites knows of Mita Cake House.  Their signature Butter Cheese Cake is a hit with non-Kuchingites nowadays.  Currently, Mita's Butter Cheese Cake is my first choice of gifts for friends and relatives whenever I travelled.
That's all for now.  Till then....

Rambling thoughts

Dear Blog,

It has been a while since my last posting back in February, quite a hiatus huh?!.  A lot of things happened since then and somehow I just don't know how to begin even. I lost another classmate last week, and today another one passed away.  First it was Kim Fung, then Roy and last week was Moses and now Fabian. It dawned to me my time is coming soon, one after another people around me have passed on.  Lately, those thoughts kept coming back and forth.  I may not make it till 55 or 60 even, entahlah.

杨幂/赵又廷 十里画卷 回顾三世情缘

What a way to start this CNY 2019, I am late though but its never too late when you just happened to stumble upon something as lovely as this Chinese drama, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.  Its a fantasy historical romance kind of drama that spans over thousands of years.

And yes, I just love the chemistry between the leading actors, Mark Zhao and Yang Mi. 


Phew! I don’t feel rajin at the moment but I thought I just blog a teeny bit. Long time no see to this nearly abandoned blog.  Nothing much but I managed to bake Congo Bars for a friend and right after delivery I stopped by to cut my hair. Its been 6 mths since the last hair cut. I feel like a mess everytime I look at the mirror. Dah macam Hantu Kak Limah 😉😉😉.  Whatever,  so for lunch today, I prepared Ayam masak Bunga Kantan.  Initially it was supposed to be Ayam Masak Serai but somehow I ended up adding bunga kantan aka Ginger Torch flower.

After a long hiatus from blogging, I had to start from scratch to upload and putting a watermark on the picture.  Mind-boggling process for me la! 

Trying out the calligraphy apps in my phone and I come up with this watermark.  Like seriously, I really have to explore all those stuff again.  (sigh!!!!!!!!).
Back to the recipe, this tomato sambal was inspired from an Indonesian restaurant in town.   A very dear old classmate introduced the rest…