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5 Syawal

Dah raya pun, today is already the 5th day of Syawal and I finally get to update my blog. Macam dah bersawang dah blog aku tok. Frankly, I am still so dead tired since the last week of Ramadhan and hardly slept for the last 2 night's of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, semua tempahan kek & biskut beres and the last delivery on pagi Raya itself, seawal 0630 pagi. Since I was craving for Briyani dari bulan puasa lagik, I finally made it today for lunch. Nasi Briyani Adabi yang ku idamkan dari bulan puasa. Bahan2nya?'s just a simple recipe, just follow all the instructions at the packaging. I only added some cashew nuts, some black currants, add in some coriander leaves & sliced green chillies. That's all and to accompany the rice, I just cook chicken dhall and papadum. Walllaaaaaaaa......

Cerita london almond di subuh yang hening di bulan puasa.....

My dear readers, (ewah, perasan macam Shakespeare jak...duhh!!!) don't know what
you may think when you saw the above subject..ihiks!!!.

Just finished baking almond london ku a while ago, alhamdulillah. I guess that's a wrap up for london almond. Making this particular cookie is painstaking la, double job kata urang, first have to put the whole almond in the dough and later bake them. Done with the baking, is to coat it with melted chocolate which is to be put in the papercup. And yet ada complain madah tak kesah...janji nyaman, and alhamdulillah ..mun sik nyaman I wouldn't have any return customers for the last 10 years.

Cerita bulan posa agik - Gelagat manusia di kedai KKK & Hak Hak

Dah 13 hari dah puasa ari tok, alhamdulillah. Sooooo, bila dah 13 hari tok persiapan raya nang sedang rancak la but in my case,I have to clear all the orders from my friends. This week kira berhabisan aku ngabis biskut london almond order sidaknya. I managed to complete 1,000 pieces of that and another 500 more pieces to go. Next is tat nenas tapi sik sebanyak london almond. London almond is always the top biscuit in my list. My choices of biscuit is also limited, I have to cos I just don't have anyone to assist me. Tapiiiiii, mun ada urang nulung mok juak mukak order for another 2 biscuits. Mmmm..sik hal lah, am already thankful dengan rezeki yang sedia ada tok, what more can I ask, I just love to bake.

Last Saturday, I went to KKK & Tay Hak Hak (those from Kuching knows where the place is). As usual at this time, the place is thronged with Kuchingites shopping for all the baking stuff. You just name it, they have everything...nak 1/2 kg, nak sekilo, semua ada. Anddd…