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Sebenarnya ...

Gambar dari Mr Google
Sebenarnya awal pagi dah dikejutkan dengan gambar pernikahan pasangan yang boleh dikatakan rapat dengan aku & N. Honestly, I just can't figure out my exact feelings when I saw their wedding photos which I saw in my friend's facebook. Nak marah?..mmmm..nope...kecik ati?...nahi, nahi, nahi...but aku doakan kalian berbahagia hendaknya, moga dimurahkan rezeki dan dirahmati Allah sentiasa.
Sebenarnya this couple assumed that both of us(me & N) did not know about their complicated relationship. And the funny thing is some of their friends assumed the same. We knew about the whole complicated things from N's sister who are closed to all parties involved with their 'secret'. Unfortunately that "secret" had destroyed their relationship (all parties involved except for me and N).  And from what I understand from N's sister, seems that all of them are suspicious of each other and occasionally if they happen to bump into each other…

Karnival Sukan Air Antara Jabatan/Fakulti UNIMAS (Piala TNC HEPA) 2011 akan diadakan pada 26 November 2011 (Sabtu) bertempat di Tasik UNIMAS.

Picture credit to Nur Kasih's fb.
When I told a friend that I would be representing my faculty for this event, she was giving me that "you-must-be-joking look"..aik...ko biar of all the people, nak berkayak!!!...that was her comment while still giving me that look. LOL!!  It was certainly tickling to look at her. I was not offended at all though...she meant good but I can't blame her too...I for one have never gotten myself involved in any kind of activities like this not even during school days. And,..come to think of it, zaman2 school dolok ney ada aktiviti kedak ya....but I used to tag along my dad when he goes fishing...but I just stayed quietly in the boat and was not allowed to hold the oars. Pathetic sik?!!! As I would be participating in the women's double and mixed double, come the training day, me and my partner(also a first timer though she hails from Kampung Bako), ....we had a blast!!!yesss....a real blast...LOL...first lesson...try…


I have a very bad experience with making pastries which uses a rub-in method. Failures after failures of having to make a decent pastry out of this method had sort of freaked me out. However, with some courage I made up my mind and decided to give it a try yesterday. I decided to make scones, I have never tasted the actual scones and after looking and surfing over countless numbers of blogs and websites, at last I tried this simple scones which I found from

So here's my first ever scones and it was clearly everyone's favourite as the whole tray disappeared within minutes. And I had to make the scones again after that.  The recipe produced about 17 pieces but the first batch was only 12 as I was being very careful with the dough and followed the recipe religiously. And the recipe didn't fail, it turns out better after that, well....practice makes perfect Mum has requested that I make this again next weekend and she suggested that I add cheese, wah...(do…

Mum's curry puff

It has been sometime since mum made curry puff. So when I reached home yesterday I was delighted to see my old time favourite, mum's curry puff. Before I gobble two of it away, I managed to snap a few shots of the curry puff. Nothing special but when it comes to whatever your mum has prepared it is definitely special.Love you mum. Nak story la sikit, my mum used to make loads of this curry puff plus other kuihs as we were staying in a police quarters then, normally we would set up a table below the house and placed all the kuihs there for sale.  At times she would receive orders from police canteen and I would be given the task to deliver them to the canteen. Well, those were the days. 

Nak show-off la sikit the filling, though quite blurry, it's potatoes with dried prawns or sesar as it is known in Sarawak. This is my favourite filling and of course I would prefer to have it mixed with long beans and cilantros..hehehe...demanding kan?!!  And I don't like them with sweet …


Biasanya bila kawan2 pergi kursus or holiday, pasti ada buah tangan dari sidaknya. Just nak show-off jakla, nothing fancy tapi sekali sekala terasa cam kanak2 riang bila dapat gift dari kawan. Maceh ooiii...kelak merik agik...(sik malu mode on...ahaks!!)
Mentang2 dapat fresh strawberries dari Cameron Highlands, pagi-pagi dah enjoy special breakfast. 

 Konon nak show-off la kemerahan and lusciousness of the strawberry, well..handphone biasa jak kan..

Bali mali from a colleague's holiday ..