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Menjelang Raya 2008

Fruit Cake (resepi dr majalah Australian Woman's Weekly)
Almond Ghee(resepi lamak tahun 60an, fast and easy n yummylicious)

Chocolate cheese cake

Last minute shopping malam raya..
Sempat singgah beli lemang on the way balit rumah

Kek Lapis Idola(sememeh sikit lapisan..sik cun tp kek tok sedaaaaaaaaaaaaap)

Kek Ati Parek

Biskut Makmur
Biskut Chocolate Chips (resepi dr internet...)
Almond London
Biskut dahlia (resepi Mat Gebu, tq for sharing the recipe, mmg sedap)

tart nenas yg bulat2 dan besar2 cam tuannya...hehehehe
The only biskut tunjuk, adik yg beli cos this is her favourite biskut, Biskut Iced Nestum

Preparation for raya

Kek Ati Parek

Sementara nunggu nak sahur, just nak update blog..been quite a few days I didn't update my blog...I was sooooooooooo busy trying to finish orders from friends. Sampei lejuk dah nanga cheesecake. Dah molah kek ati parek, tinggal nak ngukus jak...lekak sahur jak...mata sik ngantok agik..ney nak ngantok..dah minum nescafe manis & kaw2 agik ya.


Around 3 something today, I received a memo from the HR department. I'm being transferred to another department w.e.f. 3/10/08. the funny thing is, my current boss's contract ends only on 14/10/2008 and I don't know why are they rushing to transfer me out. I showed my boss the memo and he has given his consent for me to seek for extension till 15/10/2008. Once you receive a transfer memo, the chain reaction will start. I understand a few PA's are being transferred too. I've already typed and send my memo to the HR department. Happy though that my boss has been supportive of my decision. Makes me more sad to let him go. He has been such a nice person to work with and I learnt a lot from him. Everyone here calls him the boss with the Veto power. One thing about him, he is a risk taker when it comes to making decisions which most people are reluctant to do.

19 Ramadhan 1429 H

It's the 19th day of Ramadhan already and yesssss! beginning to be busy starting from this week. Slept around 3 am this morning. Molah kek pesan Ain kawan Mona dr KL, 3 igek kek lapis india...malam tok molah agik. Esok projek molah biskut almond london & makmur. Felt as if my hands are full already. Oh well!'s the usual time of the year where I will go crazy trying to complete all the orders. At least juak this year sik gago molah biskut almond london. Mun sik, nang merepuk bah...sebulan raya sik ilang kepak ya......Sigh!!!...ummmm..jgn la ada call last minit mintak kesian...Looking forward to see an old friend, Jijot who is now staying in Port Dickson, she's coming over this Monday nak renew pas kerja org gaji nya...manage to call Christmasy, another friend for a mini reunion with her. We were classmates for the secretarial program back in ITM Kuching. Now married with 4 kids, she's a full time housewife. Formerly working as a secretary with a local firm …

Gagggggggggoooooooooooo gilak

So busy, insyaallah kelak akan update blog.

Menu Sungkei

This happens when you still have a loaf of unfinished bread, what you do with it, just spread some butter and some sugar on top and put them in the oven.
Nicely toasted in the oven, the whole container was finished during sahur.
Plain Kek - sebelum

Recipe (senang jak, resepi org malas..hehehehe tp sbb nak makan, polah jaklah)

250gm margarine atau butter
250gm tepung gandum
150gm gula kaster
4 biji telor
1 sudu teh baking powder
1 sudu teh esen vanila
2 sudu besar sunquick or whatever cordial drink you may haveSelepas
Sambal belacan limo kasturi
Kerabu belimbing tunjuk

The weekend went on quietly for me,I did some cooking & baking. Wanted to do some housekeeping, I did little of that, probably I'll do it this weekend.

My day at the Post Office

I was stuck at the Post Office for about 3 hours plus today just to get my cash rebate. I had to wait till the system was ok as I was not interested to go back and forth from the office to the post office later. No way I'm going to waste my petrol just for that. I was rather upset with the attitude of the security guard at the post office, frankly to me, he was really a pain the butt. Everyone including myself was going there hoping to get the rebate. It has been a week since I renewed my car's insurance and yes I was aware of the constant hiccups with JPJ's online system. Ok, back to the security guard, he was really not helping at all to ease off our frustations. Fine, system is down, so what!..can't do much about it though..but the way he informed everyone it seems as if the breakdown would be for the whole day and in a way I thought that he was chasing us out. Talking about good service huh? So, there I was waiting inside the Post Office from 0930 am till 1145 am. …