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Happy birthday Mah.

A dear friend came all the way from Miri to attend a friend's wedding last weekend and since she just turned 45 on the 19th,  me & Mbok celebrated her birthday at Trio's. 

Breakfast tanpa telor mata sapi......

Breakfast with  FriedKway Teow without my favourite telor mata sapi.  The bill says otherwise...don't wanna whine or fret about it though I was itching to.  Makan je la...rezeki di pagi hari...Syukran. Guess this would be my last order from that well-known coffee shop which was aired in JJCM program.  My first bad experience was having to order horlicks which according to the waittress, we don't serve horlicks!   A big and well-known coffee shop in Kuching and you don't serve horlicks!!!!.     

The gift of giving

There's a saying, A friend in need is a friend indeed. Relatively, I don't consider myself a close friend to an ex-colleague.     Yesterday evening,  what started as a Hi, Hello session ended up as therapy and counselling session for her.  I could only offer some words of comfort to her.  Her husband passed away early last year of heart attack and being the sole breadwinner for the whole family she's beginning to feel the burden.  With two growing up kids and a rocky relationship with her mother-in-law, one can imagine the hardship that she's going through now.  I could only listen and advice her tactfully.   I hope that I manage to cheer her up yesterday.

No so wordless Wednesday

Sardine tumis cili api recipe is inspired from Mamatiamia again. Alhamdulillah I was only stuck with a small portion of rice though was very tempted to add more rice.

My own version of cold salad.  Heavily inspired from Greek Salad and Korean Salad. No belacan, no oil or anchovies, just dash of calamansi lime, salt, sugar and freshly ground black pepper.

So these were my dinner last night. Nothing fancy but very filling and satisfactory.


I am challenging myself to go without rice. Of course am not going to get rid of it forever, I just need to reduce the intake cos I am wayyyyyyyyyyyy too heavy and and am trying to keep myself healthy.  It's not easy but am trying.

Drooling over this fried rice already!..Kan, tambah kicap masin n my home-made chilli paste below...heaven!!!!!!!!   Simply irresistable!.

Will I succeed with this challenge.  Hmmm???

Just my two cents...

A friend once said, the good ones are taken, but I look at differently though...the taken ones does not necessarily mean they are good ...kan?..

Thought of the day


Coconut Cake

I love BW and most of the times its in search of new recipes, new ideas and inspirations.  I love this particular blog (of course, I have loads and loads of other favourite blogs too) I find her blog to be a very inspirational and at times I find myself at peace reading her postings.  Alright then, am not going to bore with details.  Just check it out Mamatiamia and I found this simple coconut cake recipe and had made it thrice eversince as mum loves the cake so much.

This is a superdelish and easy-peasy recipe and you can just whip this up in 15 minutes only.  Just ignore the amateurish look of the photo ya.   

Just saying..

I want to change my blog layout!!!!   But I'm having difficulty to do so.  No lame or pathetic excuses ...LOL...but am kinda bored with the current layout.  Nothing to do with any new year resolution or what ...I just need to see something different.

I love this one..and in a way it is true...hmmmm

Looks can be deceiving... Kek Marble Shiela Mambo

I baked this ( shall I put it in words now...) a Marble Cake gone wrong?!!!  This marvelous and scrumptous recipe is from CMG .  I can say that recipe is picture perfect but compared to my effort of making the marble effect...***sigh****...I still fail to come up with a beautiful marble effect and I guess one of the reason being the chocolate marble sanked at the bottom of the cake was because it was too heavy from the other batter. Too much cooking chocolate cos I doubled the recipe plus some tweaks here and there, plus this minus that etc.  I used margarine instead of butter but verdictwise, mum and sis loves it.  According to them its crumbly and heavenly but too sweet.  Even CMG mentioned in his entry that the recipe was too sweet but  I will definitely lessen the sugar again and the cooking chocolate in future.  I have a knack of doubling the recipe everytime I  come across a new recipe especially when the recipe is halves of everything. Seems wasteful to cut the ingre…