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Rantings only.

While uploading another new selection of songs for the jukebox kat sebelah tok, I guess some visitors to my blog must be wondering why Akim's version of Larut is still there. It's my favourite and after watching Aishkim duet, somehow I could sense what I thought was true, whatever, true or not, I just love what I saw and if felt right then. Anyway, both of them have a long way to go and I wish them all the best of luck.
As for tajuk kat atas tok, if some you care to go through the songs kat sebelah especially lagu Tangisan dalam Kerinduan by Farah AF2 it brings back fond memories. I was hooked to Akademi Fantasia from then onwards till now. I met a lot of new friends over the years and most of us are still in contact till now. Notably my group of Jiwang United will always be the best. Suddenly getting so sentimental nowadays la, missing some good friends especially my fellow jiwangans. I really wish to meet up with them again this year, it's been 3 years since the last g…

My beautiful memories of Aishkim

Some snippets of me here and there. Not much actually but anyway this suffice. At the moment am trying to select some pictures of the reunion concert. Am glad that some of the photos taken by Amal were published in the local paper already. Will update some more, not many though but some interesting ones, I think.
Pictures of reunion konsert credit to Amal Hussein. Toce2 Mal.

Akim AF7 and Aishah AF7 @ Aishkim

Pictures edited by @Nur68 and credited to Amal Hussein. Maceh Mal.....



Chix Puff

Touch-up sikit....
Fresh from the oven..
I made this yesterday for breakfast. Recipe courtesy of FnR Nice, crispy and crunchy though over-baked.

Rehearsal Konsert Reunion AF7

The boys opening act, Titah!! though it was too loud for me as we were standing near the big2 times I had to cover my ears to really listen to their voice
Akim, Aishah @Aishkim & Aril
Aril tgh hafal lirik
Musicians doing sound-check etc..
The stage
AC Mizal, warming up and at the same time cracking some jokes here n there, the usual stuff
who else nak?...the dance teacher or rather choreographer, Cikgu Aris...
Zizi waving (my sister took all these pictures while the 3 of us were waiting near the stage then)
Obri, Akim & Awok

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to watch the rehearsal for the Reunion Concert AF7. I just went along since my dear sister invited me to join her and her friends to watch it at Padang Merdeka. Why not nak?..since this is the first time such concert is held here lagipun juara org Sarawak. I didn't expect anything, to me it would be like any other concerts. We arrived at PM around 0830pm, we just parked my car at MP only. Rehearsal…

Sick n Tired

Am really sick and tired of ppl who keeps on fretting and whining and blaming other people for his losses. Wake up and just grow up la!!!!! OMG!!!!!

Angah's & Iqbal's Wedding 180709 Penview Hotel

Red, White, Red, White...niceeeeeeeeeee
The wedding cake

This morning I attended a colleague's wedding at Penview Hotel, Kuching. The wedding ceremony was ok, pelamin was very nice, ravishing red...I like!!!!

St. Columba's Reunion (Class of '85) - Dinner

The boys
The girls
All three classes combined 5A1, 5A2 & 5A3
Another group photo at our table The boys karaoke session, otai2 rockers zaman 80an. hehehehe
Semangat eh!...
The girls turn....
Another group of girls having their share of Dancing Queen with a lil help from the MC, Naza
Cikgu Robin, one of the recipients for the lucky draw
Abg Sharkawi receiving his lucky draw hamper from Azeez
The lucky draw gifts from generous donors
Slide shows for the quiz session - this particular slide is a picture of Lily & Azeez during Teacher's Day Celebration, Azeez is wearing Lily's uniform and Lily is wearing Azeez's uniform..
Some more slides....
Notice the hair style, those were the fashion those days, spiky and full of gels...ehehhehe
Can't remember what the question was for this particular quiz?<