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Just saying..

"Maybe I am comfortable with my life and don't feel the need to find a partner.  But if love comes my way, I will accept.  But for me to go out and look for it may not happen" exact thougths at the moment.  


How does it feel when you are trapped for about 1/2 hour in the elevator alone?  Scary?...definitely scary but I was lucky that the light was on and the scary feeling was not evident but I just kept looking back at my shoulder as if "something" was behind me.  As  my patience was running thin seconds passed, I pressed the help button frantically till I heard voices calling out for me and asking me to stay calm.  I did and the ordeal ended and it was indeed gratifying to see other human beings.  After that incident, I am still traumatic and I would not enter the elevator without any company. And if I have to go alone, I would choose to use the staircase.  Of course going down is the easy part but when I have to come up to my office at the 3rd floor, either I would look for company or I'll get two or three of my colleagues to send me off upstairs. 

Incidentally a week before there were a few similar cases and someone told  me a restless soul is seeking vengeance and I say…