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I was so busy making CNY cookies for my mum's friend last weekend. Tired!!!! know, when it's not the time for to bake anything, I have the tendency to dilly-delay here and there. Rasa malas ya nang ndak ku tauklah ....and I could here my mum asking me over and over again, bila gik kau nak molah kuih Pui ya?..***sigh****Ya ku malas (dlm ati jak....)Ok, so I managed to bake 2 cookies yesterday, the chocolate chip and pineapple tart. Yalah, kotan dah malas ya, sik sedar one tray angus...nasib adunan biskut yang banyak mun sik nak ke lelah aku molah agik...(which of course, I don't have any intention to do it again...)

Poor me kan (I keep telling myself,it's the weekend and with CNY just a few days'away, my mind is focused on the sales. CNY is always the best time to do some serious shopping, almost all the supermarkets and departmental stores are showing off their best sale items which, am telling you is simply super duper irresistible!!!) I've been…

Halfway in January 2011

No, no, no, am not going to apologise or ramble about why I was away from blogging since last November...tsk! tsk! tsk!..none of that okey...definitely I'll be doing some postings soon. Till then, my next entry coming soon.