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Jauh.2012.SDTVRip Part 1

Ini pun saya suka tho it was shown two years ago...another Mills & Boon hero that fits the bill...tall, dark and handsome, of course none other than Mr ADP himself.

Istikharah Cinta Episod 4

I am hooked to this drama now.  Zul Ariffin is simply awesome and his character reminds me the typical tall and handsome heros in Mills & Boon novels.

Stay strong always.

2014 is going to be history soon. What a year it has been for me personally.  Simply said, I don't like 2014 as I was at my lowest morale but alhamdulillah I managed to pull through. I am not excited to look forward to 2015 actually but life goes on so lets just move on and see what awaits me 2015.

pic credit to MSN.

Video Lucu Nunung OVJ Ga tahan Liat Dandanan Aziz Gagap Sampe Pipis dice...


I miss cooking and baking

Assalamualaikum dear blog, The last 3 months has been quite a challenging time for the whole family. My brother fell sick and most of my routine were interrupted. I was not able to cook or bake as he seems to have major problem with all the smell that comes from cooking and baking.  Entahla...jenis penyakit macam ya pun ada juak owh... I have been itching to cook and bake eversince  but somehow I have not started. Entahlah ...bila agaknya nak start balik my baking and cooking..mmm  And as usual macam2 jak yang tengah dipikir.nak berjual barang makan year dah mula nak bayar HL...***sigh***

Whatever it is, life goes on kan...yang penting never give up and work hard my dear.
I don't want to know or rather I don't want to deal with what ifs?....

Credit to Brian Tracy FB

New boss? New colleagues?

Assalamualaikum dear blog Its that time of the year apart from clearing your leave and what not, some of my colleagues who were involved in the promotion exercise previously has received their transfer letters.  And I am getting myself a new boss wef from 2/1/2015.  Can't comment further on that cos I have never work with him and not much is known about him so I am looking forward to work with him. No..I do not have any kind of perception about him.  I welcome to face the challenge.  That's all for now.  I am drained totally of ideas.  Need some fresh air .....

'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' 1000 weeks celebrations

My all time favourite movie selain dari KKHH....DDLJ celebrated 1000 weeks celebration.  It was first shown on 12/12/1995 and still running in one of the cinemas in India.

Monday yang sik biru...katanya

Asssalamualaikum dear blog,

First of all, nak madah ajak sik ada istilah Monday blues.  Any other day can be blues to you if you perceive so.  Its all in the mind tek nak....

Bila dah malas ataupun dah sik ada idea agik nak berblog last2 berugak segala macam dalam internet tok..hahaha...and I found this...dalam jenaka tersirat maksudnya..apa kata org tek..mun paham bisa nak?... Apa2 pun I have been so busy this past month, malas nak madah kata orang. Suffice to say 2014 has not been kind to me but am thankful I can still cope with all the struggle so far. Hanya Allah yang maha mengetahui.

Malas nak ngerepak panjang, setiap apa yang berlaku ada hikmahnya.  Till then, have a nice week ahead my dear blog.