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Heavenly Carrot Cake

I made this a week ago and it turned out to be super delicious though very moist but I love it.  The next time I will add  tablespoon of flour for a better texture as suggested by mom but I like it as it is.

   Source:  CMG My version:  Followed the exact recipe but I used almond slices instead of walnuts and no cream cheese frosting needed as it was good on its own.  Probably the next one I'll make a complete recipe.  Verdict:  Heavenly indeed

Unsangkarable gift is always the best........

From a special someone all the way from Mekah. Concentrated perfume oil which smells of roses. Love it to bits. Thank you so much.  Never expected this but alhamdulillah. XOXO

Happy birthday to me......

Long overdue entry but I just have to blog about it.  Hey! It was my birthday so yours truly need to share it here. LOL!!!   

The beautiful shells is edible and it's taste like a minty chewing gum and the sand is made of breadcrumbs.  Sis just told the chef to whip up something light and cheesy and  reflects my love for the beach and he came up with this super beautiful and simple cake.  Love it to bits.
Happy birthday to me, alhamdulillah.  I received this beautiful light and semi-sweet cheesecake from beloved sister Mona and this Samsung Galaxy Nexus handphone from dear brother Helmi.  Thank you to both of you and all the wishes from friends and families.  Alhamdulillah, all those struggles that I had to face and the obstacles that I faced along the years has made me appreciative of every little details in life.  Alhamdullillah, ku panjatkan kesyukuran kepada Mu Ya Allah. 

Memorable trip

I was absolutely happy to meet some family members from dad's side and attending my niece and nephew's wedding last November gave me the opportunity to further strengthen some lost family ties over the years.  I'm glad I came and it was feels good being among your loved ones.

Selamat Pengantin Baru & semoga berkekalan dan berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat.  Love from Wa.

Feels good to back home with loved ones and familiar faces

I was in Miri for 6 days last week.  Apart from attending the wedding of  my cousin's children, I simply took the opportunity to meet up with my ex-classmates and schoolmates. 
My companion at the airport.  Bought this in Ramadhan this year but was so busy with the fasting and Eid preparation that I had almost forgotten about it.  Found it while packing the night before this trip.  Glad I brought it with me as my flight was a two-transit flight to Sibu and Bintulu before reaching Miri.  Oh well, what's there to complain, fare was cheap and simply irresistable to my purse. 

Bored to the max and was getting quite restless, took these two pictures over the shores of Bintulu and the sunset. 

It was a small crowd just 6 of us but it was enough to rekindle sweet memories of yesteryears.  Being with people that you love and whose company you enjoy, the conversations seems endless.  My deepest condolence to a friend who lost her husband in July this year and another classmate, he…

Kerabu Peria

Been indulging myself if in lots of good food last week that I only settled for this Bittergourd Salad for dinner last night.  Of course it was bitter but it has a nice tang to it cos I added some calamansi  juice(limau kasturi), salt and sugar for seasoning.  Recipe..super easy, saw the recipe in a magazine and I came up with my own version. Just slice the bittergourds and shallots, pound some chillies with dried shrimps. Mixed them all up and walla my easy peasy version of Kerabu Peria.  Best eaten chill after the the calamansi juice has nicely marinated the bittergourd with the seasoning.

Back from Miri, I had gained extra kilos and I keep reminding myself  to watch what I eat.  I guess for a start, this will do.  And will I be disciplined enough to indulge myself in more healthy stuff...well, I can't promise myself but I will definitely try to put some extra effort.  I don't intend to skip meals or whatever but I'll be watching what I eat from now onwards and that I b…