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Selamat Ari Gawai, Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai, Lantang Belama

Selamat Ari Gawai to all my dayak friends and relatives whereever they are. It's a two days public holidays in Sarawak starting tomorrow till 2nd June 2011. Best nak?...2 ari cuti in middle of the week and almost everyone celebrating the festival is taking their leave and going back to their respective villages by now.  Apart from that some not celebrating the festival takes the opportunity to go on leave as it is the school holidays and away on Cuti2 Malaysia  plus some that I know is going for overseas trip.  Me? not going anywhere, I have plans to go elsewhere this year end with some friends insyallah.

This month as been quite a month for me because *****drum roll*****(sarcastically)...i kenak saman polis koh, setegal 3rd brake light hangus, ney la nak sedar benda kedak ya leka gago ngecek tayar ajak, tapi bayar jaklah out with RM100.00 for that...urghhhhhhhh.....tebik dah bajet ku bulan 6 tok...haish..

I had a marvellous time driving to work…

Weekend Ramblings only

Musim cuti sekolah dah mula, so nikah kawin mode is activated till the school holiday ends and I guess it goes on before the fasting month begins. Haish!?? In about 2 months' time, Muslim will observe the fasting month, fast time flies.***shrug***......Since that we were busy attending weddings and engagements last week, I just prepared simple dishes only.

Mix vege soup

Sambal belacan pusuk Sarawak(sambal belacan ikan bilis), I took this only with rice and the soup only and these were the menu for dinner.  It's only belacan, ikan pusuk & red chillies pounded together.  I prefer to cut the kalamansi lime so that I could take it together with the sambal...gosh!I am salivating already. Udah gik eh! Mun dah makan tok nak, sik boh ada lauk lain agik, memang sik disingo....laju jak jalannya...LOL

Cucur bubok kerin (Cucur udang geragau), this was for afternoon tea... 

Thinking of going somewhere during the Gawai Holidays but.....I just can't figure out where and bar…

Haru Biru

Entah apa2 lah nak, I call today as my haru-biru day, why?..I got all my flight bookings mixed up this afternoon and the scariest thing that happened was I totally forgotten details of one of the bookings. I was gasping for something to say when a staff from another department enquired on the flight.  Gosh!!!..That bad huh, as I said to myself.  Can't blame myself though, I was practically glued to my table the whole day to key-in marks as the dateline was today.  I guess I've seen so many numbers that I ended up getting all the details mixed-up.  I need a break.  A vacation?...Mmmmmmmm...  

Marol's and Yani's Wedding on 15th May 2011

Pelamin yang kacak...
 The beautiful couple
Yani dengan Nek Anjangnya
 Yani dengan Nek Wanya
Marol with his first cousins, his mom and his aunties Just some pictures, not that many though, all pictures courtesy of Marol himself. Gambar banyak tapi still sorting and I have no idea what to type now. Till then, have a nice weekend everyone. 

Bila Mak Neng & Mak Banang bertemu.........

Am sure sapa2 yang nengar SinarFM pagi2 tauk sapa Mak Neng & Mak Banang ya. Celoteh sidak duak cukup menghiborkan hati ku especially on the way ke office. Malas nak naip banyak2, diat ajaklah YT sidak duak ya....I follow ....

Mak Banang ya suka nak berkelai manjak dengan Mak Neng....tapi yg selalu kenak ya Mak Neng la nak, sampei kenak tepor ngan bantal Mak Banang...hehehe

Mak Neng berlagu lagu Bosanova....

Mat Salleh dengan lagu merapunya If Couple... tanga jaklah owh, mun sik jenaka bagi some of you sik tauklah...

Ekotkan ati ku tuk nak, mun dpt semua YT Mak Neng k ngkah lam tok, sik hal la...layan jak owh....

Oh My.......................Nigella!!!!!!!!!!

Before I forget I think I better put this here. Watched Nigella's Kitchen 2 night's ago(it's the latest one as her children are already grown-up teenagers in the program)...and I managed to take down her Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake. Simple recipe, I likeeeeeeeeee very2 much.


50gm butter
200gm graham crackers
100gm chocolate chips
50gm peanut(or maybe 30gm)/50gm salted peanuts


500gm cream cheese
3 whole eggs
3 egg yolks
dollops of sour cream
peanut butter(she didn't mentioned how much but I saw that she was holding the small bottle)
300gm caster sugar/200gm caster sugar


250ml sour cream
100gm milk chocolate
30gm brown sugar
(melted together)
Sapa lah sik kenal dengan Nigella kan?...She's one of my cooking idol...

That's her husband, Charles Satchi who ironically doesn't eat whatever she cooks. Mmmmmm...

Oklah ..enough of Nigella....

All pictures credit to BBC.

As for the above recipe, I will try that out one of these days, I guess e…

Loss? Weight loss? Friendship gone?!!!!

Everytime aku nanga produk Herbalife teringat la dengan an old2 friend or shall I say my classmate from primary and secondary school.  I can say that we were very close then but all those years of friendship were lost one fine day when I told her that I am not interested to diet using herbalife. Actually when she introduced it to me I kept on telling her I would give it a thought and let her know my decision.  She was pressing and insistent that I buy Herbalife from her as one of the stockists was her boyfriend.  I thought we understood each other and naturally as we were old friends I never thought that she would be this persistent and knowing me, aku sik suka di push orang especially those people selling stuff MLM style and some times I feel that they are trying to shove the products down your throat, eeeeeeeeee geramnya bila dah part main paksa2 ya. So back to my dear friend tadik, initially she was being her usual self, nice and polite and much later I was caught by surprise when …


It's was Mothers' Day yesterday and I made two special dish for my mak  A day earlier huh, but so what kan, its the thought that counts.  As I mentioned in my previous posting, instead of making Penne in Tomato Sauce, I made Elbows and I baked mak Peanut butter cheesecake. She likes both but commented that the cheesecake was just too sweet for her but it was delish, creamy and turns out to be very nice though the surface ada jerawat sikit.  Recipe? The pasta was copy paste from Alongroz recipe's but I added capsicum, coriander and spring onions to add colours to it.

So this is the peanut butter cheesecake. Verdict: Creamy but too sweet for mak but she loved it. The recipe is just a basic recipe for cheesecake but I added peanut butter.

My version of this recipe is:

500gm cream cheese
150gm caster sugar
220gm peanut butter
4 egg yolks
4 egg whites
1 box of nestle whipped cream (250ml)


100gm butter (melted)
Digestive biscuit (small packet)


1) Prepare a 9&qu…

Idealess?...No idea? utak sik jalan....

Hari tok adalah hari sik ada idea bagi aku, yalah bukak hotmail, sik tauk nak nulis apa rah hotmail, ujung2 merajuk ajak kawan sorang nun.  Kak ya dlm facebook, kak wish kawan lamak eppy birthday, terlingo-lingo nak reply.  Haish....apakah?...Blogwalking dari tadik so timbullah idea nak molah something special for my mak for mother's day celebration.  Tadik jalan di rumah Kak Ida tertangalah gambar Peach & Chococlate Chip Cheese Cake, mmmm..cheese ada dalam fridge, whipped cream pun ada, roti digestive pun ada, peanut butter pun ada...ha..bolehla molah Peanut Butter Cheese Cake for mak.

Tok gambar Peach & Chocolate Cheese cake dari rumah Kak Ida okeh..bukan Norly yang punya, tapi Kak Ida's her presentation...see dah ada idea dah ya.  Hahaha...Next?...Blogwalking gik rumah Alongroz, and looked up for her pasta recipes and I sort of fell for this one..Along's Penne in Tomato Sauce.  Hmmm..but I have a packet of elbows instead of the penne...ahhh...boleh la ka…

Happy Mother's Day

I dedicate this to all mothers in the world and a very special person in my life, my mother. No words to describe all that you've done throughout the years. Through thick and thin, and along the way, we shed tears and laughters together and there were some struggling moments in our lives that I could only watch you crying quietly. There were times that I would watched helplessly when you cried out openly.

This is for you mak....

Ada ketikanya mak bergembira
Ada ketikanya mak bersedih dan menangis
Ada ketikanya mak hilang punca
Ada ketikanya mak berdiam diri
Ada ketikanya mak merintih mengenangkan nasib diri
Ada ketikanya mak marah

Ketika mak berduka lara, aku bersedih
Ketika mak bergembira, aku ketawa riang
Ketika mak merintih kesedihan, aku hanya mampu memujuk
Ketika mak marah, aku terkedu

Aku sedih bila mak digantung tidak bertali
Aku marah bila mak semakin sakit
Aku sedih bila ada yang menjauhkan diri dari keluargaku
Aku marah bila ayah menghina mak dan keturunanny…

Crazy in love....cinta gila?...or gila cinta?........

I have no intention at all to belittle someone who is totally obsessively in love but to the wrong person. At times, aku dah angol. Why????? How would you feel if you get the same old questions over and over and over and over and over and over againnnnnnnn!!!...

Which reminds of this which I read in my facebook yesterday, Those who have love, have wealth beyond measure.(this was according to my fortune cookie in my horoscope) But this is not about me, just a young friend ...Like I said, she's in love with the wrong person, yeah! he's a nice guy but he's engaged already. There were countless numbers of time that I would advised her to forget him and move on. Pahal la susah gilak nak move on, degil?..ada masa degil ya bagus, ada masa munuh dikpun...

I can say that this picture does reminds me of her and him.

How would you feel if you get questions like this:-

1) How was he when you saw him this morning? (this question would be asked if I happen to tell her that I bumped i…