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Playing with pasta penne

Plan asal nak keluar berjimba-jimba dengan Sue and Jen was cancelled during the last minute. And what did do instead...I prepared a simple pasta penne dish for lunch. As both mum and sis was attending some weddings I whip up this pasta recipe which was inspired from Giada. So here it is. Ini adalah masakan orang yang malas nak masak macam-macam.


Some of my wishlist for my apartment in future, Insha Allah.

Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen and kitchen..except for the last photo.  Inilah akibatnya watching too much of AFC Channel, watching Nigella and the batallions of chefs.  I simply adore their kitchens and of course some of their recipes. I mean who would resist cooking in kitchens like that.  Ina Garten, Jamie and Nigella has  luxurious kitchen.  Tyler and Sunny Anderson  has a simple and practical kitchen. Just to name a few of them. I have loads of kitchen designs that I have saved but I don't think my blog has enough space for all that.  Insha Allah when the time comes, I would get a little bit of here and there to make my dream come true!. Ameen.
As for the shoe cabinet, as a simple person and I don't like to have a lot of clutters I need this kind of design to store the shoes and what not.  As the apartment is small I have to save a lot of space on storage and keeping everything to the minimum.
So, first let me visual…

Ramblings jak

Tengah boring2 tunggu VIP datang. Hopefully majlis malam tok sik dragging jak lah.  So tired..almost sehari suntuk di hotel sebab SKAM26. Can't wait to take my long overdue leave too..Come December and its coming to another end of a year.  2014 is just a glimpse away and I have not done anything to be proud of.  A lot of things happening around and some kept me thinking seriously.