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As at the time of typing this entry  MH370 is still missing.  Whatever the speculations and theories raving around now, bottomline is the plane is still missing and its disappearance is still very a big mystery.   Too sad to say much but my heart is all out for family members of everyone on board. I can only imagine the anticipation and anguish the family is feeling at the moment.  And some unscrupulous morons are not making the situation better even.  Its easier to throw all sorts of speculations and accusations isn't it when you don't bother to have an inkling of feeling as to how the families must have felt, worst the person bombarded with all sorts of accusations is not around to defend himself.  How pathetic!!! I am praying for everthing to end soon. My prayers to you and your passengers MH370, dear Allah, please return the aircraft, no means of sophisticated technologies  in this world can beat your miracle.