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Pre-convocation 2011 - UNIMAS 15TH Convocation II

There was a big crowd yesterday because of this thing. This billboard is located near the roadside of the entrance to UNIMAS and was officially tested yesterday.

Pictures credit to Emi whom I guess had taken this shots from her car. P)


The cough bug is around now and almost everyone in the office is coughing away. Went to the clinic last Monday, saw the same thing. Duhhh!!!...And I have to take these medications before the convocation starts this weekend.

Suddenly craving for these two.

Pre-Convocation 2011 - UNIMAS 15th Convocation

The convocation is about 3 days' away and the atmosphere for the whole campus is in festivities. Canopies are being set up here and there and I saw this merry-go-round thing(what do call those anyway...).. Unfortunately I did not manage to take the picture of that merry-go-round thing as I was driving.

Picture credit to Nuan Jen taken from her office today

Picture credit to Reen from her office
So tonight's is the full dress rehearsal and official opening of the Pesta Konvo 2011 will be held tomorrow evening.  Loads of activities have been planned and arranged by the committee members. There will be loads of food stalls, stalls selling flowers and souvenirs, of course not forgetting  photography shops giving their best discounts to the graduates. There will also be exhibitions from the various government and private institutions, banks and telecommunications companies.   Other activities includes, Career Fairs, Mari Berpantun, Battle of the Bands,  Fun-fair(remember that merry…

Food galore di Syawal nan indah....

Sharing some more outstanding pictures. Blog owner dah menjadi semakin malas lately kan, nak update blog pun terkulat-kulat, therefore banyaklah outstanding entries and pictures jadi sajian.

Urap@Kerabu Sayur
 Puding Laici
 Ketupat pulut lemak(mmg berlemak dan berkrim rasanya)  Ikan terubuk masin goreng(wajib!!!)  Partner in crime ikan terubuk(Cabik padi & limo kesturi)
Sambal tumis tempe  Daging masak itam(didn't bother to scoop the oil anyway cos it's everyone's favourite) 
Cookies   Some more cookies  Peyek with lots of cekur (my favourite)  Cornflakes kacang pedas  Mixed Fruit Coleslaw  Rendang ayam kampung berkuah   Seafood Tomyam 

Everyone had a wonderful time cultivating their fat on that auspicious day...LOL

Rabu tanpa kata....

Wordless Wednesday huh?...Can't say much but at times I find it so hard to say no and when I finally did said no, I felt so good though I was in a limbo initially. Ok, don't wanna write much here, mood masih kureng.
Angel Hair Bolognese
With cheddar cheese, my supper on 9/10/2011
Ketupor, this morning's breakfast 4 pieces for $1.00(bought $2.00 to share with colleagues)
Kuih Basong
Gift courtesy of Sheeha Shoppe(tokey tudung PH)

Something to smile...

When you least expect it to happen, suddenly it's right there in front of you. Alhamdulillah, Allah telah makbulkan doaku. I have been on a long search for so many years to locate some of my friends in primary school. Frankly I don't have any reunion thingy in mind but I would love to see if not all some of them and a short message in my facebook a few days ago triggered the whole thing. Less than 24 hours later my facebook were full of invitations from my classmates and schoolmates. Then some of the memories started to fall into pieces, though I was and still am struggling to remember some of them. Perhaps another reunion or gathering in the very near future, seems that some of us managed to track the lost sheep. Some have migrated to Australia, Canada and working all over the places across the globe. But the memories and the stories that some of the guys shared in the page has certainly rekindled some sweet memories indeed and brought the smile in me. And from then onward i…

My favourites

Nasi Kerabu
Sambal asam mbang & kerabu kedondong