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Xi Ning Kwai Le

I'm taking this opportunity to wish all friends and relatives a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I wish for peace, harmony and prosperity for the country and the nation as a whole. 

Must do?!!!

I am definitely going to challenge myself making RVC this weekend. I have eaten nor bake one so why not give it a try huh. Plus the fact that I've been itching to bake RVC since I saw and read almost everyone's blog about it. Now, if that does not give me enough perks to start the first step, dunno la..sooooooooooo..let us see whether I might end up baking RVC huh?... I saw a simple recipe here and I even look out for the YT 
version from JOB here:

Wednesday rambling....

It's the 2nd week of January already, how time flies..and the lazy bug is creeping back again. Been soooo busy this last few days and am not feeling that well either. Anyway, some things that I manage to bake and cook despite being busy.

Pasta in tomato sauce a top favourite with everyone too, this is my serving and  I always love sprinkling of black pepper(lots of it) and some spring onion for garnishing...
Butter cake...too much dusting of the icing sugar creates something snowy like this, blame me for it!! well..I wanted the cake to look nicer and presentable but alas...this is how it is I present this to the world...cehhh!!!!   ..but the cake is simply delish and was wallup in no time by everyone.

Away from the world of reality

Today I decided to bury myself in this crib of mine cos I simply hate what's happening to the outside world today. Been busy and there were times that I wanted to pour everything that was boiling up in my head and when I wanted to blog about it, it just slipped away. ***sigh***  I guess I should keep a notebook and a pen nearby just to jot down those few little ideas that just appeared out of nowhere.  
I was very busy here and there and managed to do some of these along the way.

Scones again...
And again.... Another first attempt at Tiramisu, I've never tasted any tiramisu but I told myself to give it a try after surfing the net for the recipes. Finally after going through the various version of tiramisu, I finally had the courage to prepare this.  Am surprised that it took less than 20 mins to prepare the whole thing. 
I guess  Tiramisu looks like this huh? (just ignore the sloppy layering of the biscuits tho...hahahaha)..Tastewise is simply divine, heavenly and creamy.  E…