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Batik Perdani aka Kek Batik Arora

Lazing around with nothing to do last weekend prompted me to bake this simple cake. As the other food bloggers has baked this wonderful looking cake, I said to myself, why not?.. I just need to get that baking itch out anyway. At times I find it hard to decide to choose what to bake. Of course it depends very much on what is available in the pantry. Which reminds me of Nigella's pantry...berangan la nak dapatkan pantry like that huh?..

Well, you never knowkan, just becareful what you wish for sometimes as it may come true ***grinning***
So much for introduction kan. 

Sources:  Mamafami, CMG, Kak Yati & originally from Cida
My disastrous layering, at times I have a knack of trying to be sooo smart  hence the outcome of the so-called smartness.  Oh well, next time just go by the book huh..Dunno la what was in my mind when I started to do the layering.   
The cake was still quite hot and due to my impatience this is it..Taste wise was nice and not too sweet, mum loves it and I a…

Missing but full of actions...

Been away and was actually experiencing a dry season of ideas. I am truly loss for words once I start to touch the keyboard. Yeah, I was away missing but full of actions. I was busy too here and there and acted as a tour guide to a friend who came to spend her weekend in Kuching last week. Glad that she managed to destress herself during the short visit. Well, sometimes you just have to get the stress bug out one way or another.
By the way, the following pictures is not at all related to the above.  I just found out that I have loads of outstanding pictures in my handphone, so am gonna share some of it here. 

These square cakes were simply delish, a colleague bought these at the Student Pavillion (a new food court in campus)  Frankly am not a fan of this kind of cake but I was wrong and I took a second helping of this. 

I tried this chocolate cake recipe a week ago, overall it's nice but the next time am gonna bake this I will substitute the oil with butter instead.  This recipe…

Hello April

Alhamdulillah, April is here again. Thank you Allah for everything and the happiness in March and I pray April will be better....Amin Am in a good and jovial mood today and frankly I don't want to get myself carried away with the Monday blues thingy.. I am happy.................... I am dead tired but I am happy, happy, happy.............

Credit to Mr Google for the image