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The last thing that you expect to happen is to be dragged into a couple's marriage problem indirectly and sooner than you realised it their problem becomes your problem. This happened to a friend of mine. So now the scenario is like this, N is torn between two, Mr H is her boss and Mdm W is her friend(not a close friend either).
And what do I think of the whole situation?!!! As an observer I have strongly advised N to stay away from their problem and leave them be. I am not the right person talking about this kind of stuff and I may be right and wrong about this; but whatever it is I believe that any problematic marriage couple can sort it out for themselves without any interferences from any third party(not all of course but some.) I had one such experience and I lost the friendship of two friends. What started as sympathy for a friend whose husband was having an affair with his colleague(we were all colleagues then except for …

Happy birthday Mak.

It was Mak's 60th birthday yesterday but we celebrated it quietly as Mak is not the type that goes out to eat as she is very2 particular how the food is prepeared outside etc..but anyway dear sister brought this beautiful mixed fruit cake with fondant icing courtesy of her dear chef friend.
To Mak, here's wishing you a very happy 60th birthday. Alhamdulillah, after all those years of experiencing some of the most difficult times in our lives, your high spirit and independence has managed to help this family unite despite of the many obstacles that came with it. Being the eldest though not the closest to you I have witnessed some of your weak moments, though you tried very hard to hide them from me but I knew that most of the time you would cry your heart's out alone in your room.  You have steered the family to some very stormy situations though some were settled amicably and some failed, I love the fact that you always keep your head high up though your heart is twisted …


Today was a deadlock situation for me, datelines to finish and I'll be on leave tomorrow to accompany mom for her errands. My boss is having this meeting tomorrow and he needed loads of input, it was a heavy task today but all done and over with. So I hope to be on leave in peace tomorrow, no phone calls or anything
emergency from the office tomorrow.

Cherry tomato salad
Made this last weekend, surprisingly this local cherry tomatoes were very sweet.  I just made a very simple salad with dash of grapeseed oil, squeeze of lemon juice, sliced shallots and black pepper.  Very refreshing on a hot day indeed!!!  
Note:  this particular entry was supposed to be out last Tuesday but the internet was chaotic that day hence a delayed entry..tsk! tsk! tsk!

A walk thru Mbok's mini garden...

Last weekend was a very busy and tiring week for me and Mbok. As she had successfully sold her old house, she did a lot of cleaning up and I had the opportunity to help her with the moving and packing. What made it even more tiring was the hot weather. Ok, am not going into details but admist the chaotic atmosphere of moving and packing and unpacking at her new house, I managed to capture some photos of her mini garden at her new place. Well..just ignore the quality of the pictures taken as it was only taken from my Nokia X2 handphone.

Known as Daun Puding here

I only managed to take these few cos I was thought I was going to faint due to the heat that afternoon. So I just retreated indoor to enjoy nice ice-mint lemon drink prepared by Mbok. 

If you can read this....

A skill that is difficult to master to some of us taking secretarial course but very useful indeed.  Shorthand was the core subject then and yet some look down  on the secretarial profession. Watching "The Devil Wears Prada" a few weeks ago, I wondered how does the real secretary  takes down her notes with the boss giving instructions endlessly. 
So can some of you figured out what it says here.... 

Good food with good company

Growing up some of us used to play masak2 with our friends and believe me at this age when you still play masak2 with your childhood friends nothing beats the enjoyment that we felt yesterday. We had so much fun yesterday, the meal was nothing special just simple everyday meal. Since her relocation from KL earlier this year, we never had the opportunity to spend time together as she was very busy the moment she took over her new position at her Kuching office.  And yeah, we have a knack of taking things  for granted that yeah, we will always say or rather assume that we can do this and that the next time round and bla, bla, bla  ...but  none of the plans materialised. 
This dear friend of mine since primary school days got the best offer of her life and I am so happy or rather estatic for her.  When I graduated 22 years ago, that O & G company was one of the organisations  that I wanted to work with but my fate was with the bank instead. As a matter of fact I did not submit any …

Vanilla Coklat anyone?...

I just love to see both of these actors now.  As usual I miss the boat again.  The fans of Vanilla Coklat is crazy over them and seems that both Aiman Hakim and Izara Aishah is among the favourite screen couple now.  Bonus point, both are very2 young and the fact that both seem to be natural with their roles plusssssssssssss a very good chemistry between them, I am simply blown away by them. How I wish I am 20 years younger.  ****sigh****

It's a love story between a very young couple (I mean really young as both are still in college) who were practically forced to marry each other by their parents.  Initially there were loads of cat fights between them but later both began to fall in love with each other.  So the rest is history..

Watching  this drama with the heroine constantly complaining and whining and all the little arguements between them is tickling indeed.  Poor boy who has to face all those whining from her.  Such an honest interpretation of the script from both made thi…

The time when I hate paperwork

This entry is certainly not a wordless entry afterall.  Talking about mood swing...hmmmm.    At times I enjoy my work and sometimes I simply hate it. Especially when paperwork is concerned, having to handle too many at one time and not knowing where to start. And it gets worst if the papers start to come continuously like a chain reaction.

The above picture is a normal thing for me. One week  I get to look for files and go through for some infos. And for the last 3 weeks I've been running in and out of my room to the filing room to get this file or that file.   And no, its not all in a day's work, in fact there is more to come.  The worst part is you have to dig for yesteryear infos that almost everyone has forgotten and suddenly out of the blue somebody would pop out the magic words.  You'll be spending hours searching high and low for the required information.  Consider yourself lucky if you do find it and if it is not available, you go to the next stage.  Asking aroun…

One of those days when....

It has been a very busy week for me these last 2 weeks and at one point I was caught in a bottle-neck situation. On top of that, almost everyone was breathing down my neck asking for updates and approvals from all corners.

My workstation full of papers, datelines and etc.  Looking at these, I am wondering when will the table be clear of papers.  I have another stack of unopened envelopes and I don't feel like opening any of it now.

Presenting my shorthand, after 22 years this is how the outline looks like. I wonder what my ex-lecturer would say if any of them look at this dictation.  Ampunnnnnnnn madam....