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Me & Vern

Can't remember the name of this particular dish...

The D day came and finally me and some other 'gentle readers' of Vern's blog got together on Friday night 26/112/2008 at Magenta Restaurant, Nenas Road. I came along with my sister and upon reaching the restaurant we met the other readers. Though none of us had any clue who else was coming. Well!..As it turns out it was havoc, happening etc. It was drizzling a little bit when we arrived there. It was my first time to Magenat and I was fascinated by the whole decoration and set up of the restaurant minus the food of course. Honestly, the food was quite disappointing, I had tasted far better but then again, the chance of meeting and talking to Vern in person counts most..hehehhehee.. (at the time of updating my blog, tried to upload pictures several times, failed....tunggu jaklah...)

Recap 2008

2009 is just round the corner. As for 2008, what can I has been quite ride for me this year. I don't seem to know where to start actually. Sometime in January 2008 I was involved in a self-accident right at our very own car porch at home, what did I do? I reversed my car without realising that the front gate was still closed. Yeaa...luckily I reversed slowly but the left side of the light was broken. Got if fixed the same day and had to fork out $150/- for that. Urggh!!...Bad start to the year huh!...Second accident, this was a case of hit and run. It happened sometime in June 2008. It happened during office hours and right at the campus's parking lot. Some moron reversed his or her car and practically tore the back part of the car. Sapa sik nak meradang..terkedu sekejap aku nanga keadaan keta ku masa ya..Yang nama sumpah ku ya nak berbuih jak dimulut.

Salam Aidil Adha

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha 1429 Hijrah to all muslims.

40 today

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..alhamdulillah, I'm 40 today, received smses as early as yesterday around noon. Honestly, I don't really feel am 40, afterall it's just a number..huh???!!!So from now on, I'll be carrying the figure 4...everywhere until 10 years' time (insyallah, if I make it till then..) For treating myself on this special day, I've made apple muffins just now (will update the pictures later) and my sis bought me a very cute heart-shape birthday cake this morning (will update the pictures later too)

Busy, busy,busy

It's December already and have been quite busy this whole week, yeyeyeyeyye, am on leave today. Yesterday I attended Bengkel Pengurusan Fail, ya...w.e.f. next January 2009, the whole Unimas is going to have some kind of new coding for the filing system. Ok, let's not dwell further into this boring subject. Malaskuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! favourite tagline. (chuckling away) I'm making chocolate cheesecake for a friend who wants it for raya Haji. Tgh nunggu la tok, updating blog sekali. Dah lamak sik berupdate...dah mupok makei baju kalas dah eh....the other night make Kek Ati Parek for a dear friend, Ima from Perak..pagi kelak ngepos ngannya sinun. Hopefully sampei before raya Haji. Pictures of cakes and cookies will be updated later. Some more to update later.

Award dr Nucy



After I closed my tagged account, a friend introduced me to facebook a few months back. I've registered earlier on but remain dormant initially but lately I've been visiting the site every now and then. Thanks to facebook, I've managed to trace some old, old, old friends as well as some lost ones too...kiranya tok dah jadi kes "lost n found". I guess facebook is much, much better than tagged. So far I've managed to trace a friend who is residing at Holland, another is my junior at ITM, Samsena in Finland, Sharifah my ex-colleauge in Sheffield, UK. I'm trying to trace another old friend, Shielawatie (a Kelantanese) who is married to an American. We were in ITMCS together back during my Pre-Commerce days' in 1987.

Pondering away

Been trying to update my blog since the last update but somehow I was loss for words. Idea dah ada tapi bila nak ngkah lom tok..ilang terus eh. Life lately has been quiet though kamboh angin dgn deal yg belum tentu dapat gik. Tension juak ngenang some moron yang tamak...patutlah deal sik pernah jadi, dah awal tamak dgn commission masing-masing. Deal byk dlm tangan tapi sik tauk nok ney yang akan strike dolok. Wait and see jaklah.

Old friends

This was a recent photo taken on 1/11/2008. After 24 years, we finally met an old friend, Freda Godeng (she's sitting opposite me) partly hidden behind her, Bonnie and at the far end, is Bonnie's daughter. Sitting next to me is Biak. The four of us went to the same school, St. Columba's Miri. The three of us, myself, Biak and Freda stayed in the same camp, Police Field Force, Riam Camp, Miri. Semua anak polis hutan tok bah....our families knew each other and naturally we grew up together. Looking back then, our lives were full of activities and we were practically free to venture out, under strict observation of course. Come to think of it during those days there were no fear of kids being kidnapped whatsoever. There were many, many times when some of us chosed to walk back home instead of using the police truck provided by the camp's authorities. Riam Camp was situated on top of Bukit Riam and my school was somewhere at the foot hill of Bukit Riam. There were 2 roads …


Today I was feeling a little bit sick and had a minor fever (ada kah?) but I know am getting the fever when my whole body aches, my throat feels dry, a throbbing headache and my eyelids getting heavy. For the last few days, after all the commotion last week, seems everything is settled already (I think la....). Currently I'm temporarily placed at a spare room outside the boss's room. Nasib bait bah nemu bos yg sik byk bunyi kedak ya...alhamdulillah. I've settled myself nicely there already though some of my stuff are still at my old office..oh well!'s just another floor, so what nak...It's a quiet office with a staff strength of 8 staff. Cool huh? trying to adjust myself to the whole environment actually.


I just don't know how to start with this entry actually. Today was quite a day for me. I reported for duty in my new office. So there I was busy packing and unpacking my stuff plus running around without an office. Why? I was suppose to enter my office but apparently for some sick reason the former assistant just won't budge from her seat. The officer had a very hard time trying to get her out of the office. Instruction was very clear indeed but she just won't accept it. Aiyooo...pening pala lah...

Ramah Tamah aidilfitri 2008

Ikan sepat & ikan kembong masin
Sayur keladi rebus that goes very well the linut, sambal & ikan2 masin...
Nok tiga org tok sik pat jauh....
Entrance gerai kamek orang
Sambal belimbin tunjuk...(antara yang terlaris)
Sambal belacan cecah linut original Mukah style

Ada punch, ada cocktail, ada puding telor, ada pulut turap n of course kek2 lapis Sarawak
Anak2 staf Unimas dari Tadika Unimas...
Linut (among the hot favourites)
Punch orange
Staf2 manis Canselori...Su, tokey linut, Reen (gago nar juak eh)..Kak Nor..chief...(d best!!!) Ramah tamah Aidilfitri was successfully organised by Chancellory and coincidentally our stall won the best stall. I guess we won because of the menu, typical Sarawak menu and our stall was a hit with the number of visitors who came specially for the linut & sayur keladi. Most came for the 2nd and several more rounds later just for the linut & sayur keladi. None of us expected to win though. But we did though some were not happy that we w…

Melanau delights

Linut (after)
Sambal cecah for the linut
Dry version of sambal cecah
Umai, can't go without it

Jekan masin also home-made from Igan
Jekan sibit (home-made from Igan)
Ikan Duai putih aka ikan bawal putih masak asam pedas
Last Sunday, we had a so-called family get-together at my aunt's place. These were among some of the typical Melanau dish that we had, simple yet filling and of course diak nyam. Slurrrp!!!

Last day

Today is my last day here at Chancellory, it has been 6 years serving two DVC's, the first was DVC of Student Affairs and my current boss DVC of Research and Innovation. My feelings, personally, heartfully, rather a mixed feeling engulfing me at the moment. Me and some of us at Chancellory has gone through some good times and bad times together. I've seen staff come and go. And now it's my turn..didn't realise how hard it was for me to let go. I'm getting too comfortable already here...bad sign huh?...(sigh!!!!)

No title

I came to the office today though I was still on leave, actually my last day. It's been a week after raya. Am still tired, sleepy and obviously my laughter nor giggling can't hide my tired puffy eyes. The office was still quiet, most of my muslim colleagues still on leave. Next week we'll be having the farewell potluck for my boss and another boss. I have not prepared anything yet, I mean the quotation for the program. Masih hang gik tok....guess I'll be doing it this morning too. Ya, as I'm typing it's 0222 am in the early hours of the morning. Can't seem to get myself to sleep, must be due to the dark nescafe I had earlier this evening. I wish to type more but the words and the sentences that doesn't seem to make any sense at all. I guess I have to continue later.

Menjelang Raya 2008

Fruit Cake (resepi dr majalah Australian Woman's Weekly)
Almond Ghee(resepi lamak tahun 60an, fast and easy n yummylicious)

Chocolate cheese cake

Last minute shopping malam raya..
Sempat singgah beli lemang on the way balit rumah

Kek Lapis Idola(sememeh sikit lapisan..sik cun tp kek tok sedaaaaaaaaaaaaap)

Kek Ati Parek

Biskut Makmur
Biskut Chocolate Chips (resepi dr internet...)
Almond London
Biskut dahlia (resepi Mat Gebu, tq for sharing the recipe, mmg sedap)

tart nenas yg bulat2 dan besar2 cam tuannya...hehehehe
The only biskut tunjuk, adik yg beli cos this is her favourite biskut, Biskut Iced Nestum

Preparation for raya

Kek Ati Parek

Sementara nunggu nak sahur, just nak update blog..been quite a few days I didn't update my blog...I was sooooooooooo busy trying to finish orders from friends. Sampei lejuk dah nanga cheesecake. Dah molah kek ati parek, tinggal nak ngukus jak...lekak sahur jak...mata sik ngantok agik..ney nak ngantok..dah minum nescafe manis & kaw2 agik ya.