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Pangelan @Wedding

Ding & hubby
Old friend & ex-colleague
C-yot, Hulwa, Mbok, Shoki & me
C-yot, Mbok, Shoki, Mona(my sister, standing) & me
Best buddies.
Dengan pasangan pengantin
Again with Mbok.
Pulut Kuning & Serunding
Geng lepak Restoran Melor
Me and my cousins plus my nieces
Nenek saudara sebelah bapak, Nek Jamak, good cook & antara nenek yang paling sporting.

School days

My very first taste of education - Kindergarten located at Police Field Force, Jalan Field Force, Bukit Siol, Petra Jaya Kuching (1972 - 1974) According to my mum, the ASP who was in command at that time did not like to see any of the children playing so much so we were sort of forced to attend kindy at a tender age of 3 years.

1975 - 1979 SRB St. Teresa Padungan, Kuching (Primary 1 - Primary 5)

1980 SRB St. Columba's, Miri (Primary 6)

1981 - 1982 SMB St. Columba's, Miri (Form 1 - Form 2)

1982 (halfway thru 2nd & 3rd term) SMK Limbang, Limbang (continued Form 2)

1983 - 1985 SMB St. Columba's, Miri (Form 3 - Form 5)

1986 (2nd & 3rd term only) SMK Lutong, Lutong, Miri (Lower Six)

Later furthered my studies at UiTM (formerly known as ITM)

Form 5A1, SMB St. Columba's Miri(last day before MCE 1985)
Back Row Standing (L - R, Hj Khalik, Wan Jali, Lily, me, Salliah, Mat Noor, Ranbir, Robin (sitting in front of Ranbir) Middle Row L - R, Biak & Timot
Front Row Sitting L - R, M…


(Dlm senyum ada duka, dalam tawa ada tangis....mmmmmm) this pic was taken whilst in a tension mood. Well, that's me. Come rain or shine I will still smile.

I was very surprised to read an email from an old friend this morning. Sincerely, I did not know that the email that I've forwarded to her and to some old friends had sort of hurt her so much. I replied her email and told her that it was unintentional. We have been friends and neighbours staying at the Police Field Force Riam Camp during my primary and secondary school back in Miri.

A lot of things happened this morning actually, I was not in a good mood, nearly lost my temper with somebody. Unbelievably I was able to control my temper. After saying a few sarcastic words over the phone, I just hung up. I am beginning to doubt him and frankly he is such a coward. Urghhh!!! Nevertheless, I just put that aside and look forward to the rest of the day.

What next huh?!


I just don't know what's happening to the world nowadays. Prices hiking up here and there and everywhere, the pinch is really bad, ever since the increase in petrol price. It gets on my nerve already. The government has suggested that we change our lifestyle etc. Ya, of course we can change our lifestyle, tapi sampei bila. The hike has definitely created a chain reaction nationwide. I'm so scared to drive nowadays and worst, I don't feel like going to the supermarket anymore, I feel so sad when I look at the prices. For eg, I used to get a Maggie Oyster Sauce for just $3.40 and now it's $4.00, some sell it at $4.50. Personally I think they should walk the talk first. Fine, I can deal with that (for now) but the hike of the petrol, gosh..rasa cam nak nangis jak...huhuhuhu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How I wish.....................................


On the fateful and unfortunate day of May 29, 2008 I was sooooooooooooo surprised and very,very angry to find that some @#*+_!!! had left a 'beautiful' scratch to my car. Will update the picture asap. I was dumbfounded for a while and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. Who wouldn't be angry, I mean there was my car, parking nicely in the middle of the staff parking lot and suddenly this sick bimbo simply reversed and scratched my car. That monster or rather the devil who did this is a pure coward. Urgggggggggggggggh....believe me, I've had enough cursing and swearing since...and every time I look at my car, I couldn't help cursing the "beautiful soul" who did it.


SABUN @Jomheboh, Penang November 2008

All comments to the pictures are credited to Anggaplah sekadar royanan semata-mata.
Stc: Ermmm....landing kat sini boleh? Hensem org Nubhan ni pakai baju melayu, tergoda I!!
Nub: Nasib baik dah buka..adoiii tak bleh blah dgn si kecil molek ni!! Sejak dua tiga hari ni pakai baju kurung ngan kebaya, nampak ayu plak ni...Nak bawa raya kat kampung ke ni?
1. Condong Nubhan (salah satu trademark dia!)

2. Stacy plak dah condong!!!

SABUN bersungkai dengan ASTRO
Pose makin manja la..............

SABUN bersungkai dengan RIA Sentral

Dalam feri, Nub/Stc duduk sama-sama. Nub duduk bahagian dalam, Stc bahagian luar. Dah settle semua, feri pun berangkat. Sibuk jek SABUN ni adjust segala beg sandang dorang (sebenornya acah je tu supaya kengkawan nampak dorang sibuk sendirik, padahal tunggu masa sesuai je nak feeling-feeling! )

OK feri dah start moving nie

Lalu plak Naim - saje Naim teti…