Quiet weekend.

1:30 PM

Nothing much to do. After cooking these dishes for lunch, I called a neighbour to check on my car. And now am waiting for the mechanic to reply my messages. times things just go wrong at the same time.  Perfect timing indeed as the roadtax is due for renewal this 25th.
My favourite, Sambal Terung.  

Been craving to cook this Ayam Masak Kunyit for ages and finally I did.  Mum complained it was a tad bit salty. 


Bored and missing TaeBom Couple

1:21 PM

This is as simple as it gets. Was planning to cook chicken today when I saw this mackerel in the freezer, first thing on my mind was masak asam..  so walla...and not forgetting my favourite kerabu nenas or in English Pineapple Salad.

Its been a quiet weekend so far apart from baking Brownies for a friend.  As I am still missing Choi Tae Joon and Apink Bomi fondly known as TaeBom couple, I spent the time by watching their previous episodes again. Yes.again and again.  Managed to cheer myself up but still teary whenever I saw them.

Kerabu Nenas
Ikan Tongkol masak asam

Fudgy Rich Wrinkly Chocolate brownies for a friend


TaeBom Couple #3

8:37 AM

They look alike particularly the nose, same sparkly eyes and nice set of teeth.

Thank you for the memories Tae Joon 💕💕💕💋💋 Bomi.  Keep it real please. 

Credit to the owner of the above picture.  One of the best pictures of the couple.


TaeBom Farewell Favourites

1:46 PM

Don't know why, but I just love this particular one.  On the surface, both seems unbelievably calm but only God know what's going through their minds and heart at the moment.  Love the way they talk and look at each other. When Bomi (she looked sad though) asked Tae Joon whether he was wearing the ring, Tae Joon answered and showed his ring and then he reached for Bomi's hand and rubbed Bomi's ring and fingers lovingly.  I especially love how Tae Joon looked at Bomi while rubbing Bomi's ring finger lovingly.  That look was mindblowing. For a while I thought I was watching some kind of love story.  That was the 'moment' for me.

Even the MCs felt it too, all were saying the couple were different that day.

Instagram link credit to owner.  Thank you.

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