4:51 PM

The 4th day of January 2017, weather is gloomy and its raining cats and dogs now. At times, a lot of things goes through my mind that I wish I could blog about it.  I used to carry a small notebook in case some crazy ideas might suddenly popped out of nowhere.  And everytime I drafted something, it might end as a draft only and some might make it to the blog.  Sigh!!!!  Pathehic sik? 


Hello 2017.

11:10 AM

My first post for 2017.  I don't expect much in 2017 but praying for much better and peacful life.  It has been a 2016 struggle for me and the whole family.  Nevertheless, am keeping my head high up to face come what may.  

Cooked simple dish for dinner as everyone seems to be in sombre mood somehow.  Anyway, these simple dish of salted bitter mustard and omelet is among the many of my favourite simple dish.  Missing the cili padi of course which I can't go without.  


My love affair with Brownies

4:55 PM

I have been on a baking spree especially with Brownies the last month.  Been trying and tasting various recipes from local and foreign bloggers and I must say I am spoiled for choices, From the simple ones to the rich, decadent and gooey ones I had my fill and I am satisfied.  

My tower of Oreo Brownies.

Everyone was crazy with the wrinkled brownies at one point of time and after baking some, I realised that I have been making the wrinkled brownies the whole time.

A box of Oreo Brownies that was gone quickly.   Yes, it was wickedly rich and yummy.

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