Practice! Practice! Practice

I was on practicing spree the last couple of weeks.  Nothing serious actually as I was so engrossed with getting the perfect scones. Yes! SCONES!!! ☺☺☺☺

See, how crazy I was with getting it right from the beginning.  I am a scone lover and honestly I have never tasted any other scones except those made by yours truly.  Therefore, I can't claim to say that I made the best scones but its a self-achievement for me.  Over the years, I have tried to get the scones like those I saw in the magazines, YT and TV.  I never gave up though and so just recently the craziness started again and walla....I did it!!!. There were basic scones with eggs and yogurt, savoury scones, blueberry scones, sultana scones and finally the basic eggless scones *the last 3 photos*. 

Having said and done that, am sconeliciously satisfied with myself.


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