Pyaar, Pyaar, Pyaar. Maar, Maar, Maar...

Dah lamak sik ngereco nanga crita Hindustan owh. And so last weekend I had the opportunity to watch R...Rajkumar on Astro Channel 130 and I was blown away by the movie and the exceptionally  fantastic  chemistry between the hero (Shahid Kapoor) and heroin (Sonakshi Sinha).

I could rave endlessly about the movie but you just have watch it first. This is an action-packed plus good comedy tricks.  Very masala kind of movie with loads of Tamil touch to it.  Oh well, what the heck this one is definitely a keeper for me and am looking forward to get the CD as personal collection. 

Excellent chemistry and vibe between them I consider them my No. 1 Jodi for now after SRK and Kajol.

All pictures credit to google.




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