Descendants of the Sun - My review

I am going gu ga ga over this drama for the last two weeks.  I missed the first few episodes and was oblivious to the DOTS fever.  But when a short snippet of the scene from Episode 10 appeared in my fb timeline I was hooked. I fell In love with Captain YSJ and Dr KMY instantly. Am not a fan of Korean drama as I find them to be so dramatic and ridicilous at times.  But DOTS was totally different and I was craving for more and I was not disappointed at all.  

the Charming Captain YSJ who disobeys his superior order as he trusted Dr KMY decision to save her patient.  He definitely looks awesome in this uniform.

Captain Yoo Sii Jin practically fell head over heels with Dr Kang Mo Yun on their first meeting.  Apparently their first contact started off badly as Dr Kang thought he was the bad guy due to some misunderstanding between them.  Well if it was not for that Private Kim Ki Bum  both of them wouldn't have met to go through stormy yet beautiful kind of relationship.

Captain Yoo Si Jin: Captain of the Alpha Team from the Special Forces in the Korea Military Force and who is also under United Nation Peacekeeping troops. He is a handsome, drop-dead gorgeous, patriotic and honourable guy, a man of his words and he so damn emphatic.  Dumped thrice by Dr Kang and he  just can't get her out of his system so it seems. Fate is  favourably on their side as their paths always seem to cross each other.

He is mischevious, fools around and loves to bully his comrades,witty and smart but once in  the battlefield  he knows his trade.  His character is perfect for a normal human being.  Anyway its just a fictional drama, the country Uruk  does not exist, so what the heck.  And the screen writer has done an excellent job.  With good and impeccable lines and you get this dashing and beautiful actors delivering their acting and lines perfectly. And the chemistry between Captain and Beauty is mindblowing and superb!!!. 10/10 for that.   I just love them so much.  

Dr Kang Mo Yun:  One strong-headed beautiful woman with a sharp tounge. She's playing hard to get and at the same time confused with her feelings.  I guess it comes from the fear of losing him and that sense of insecurity for the whole relationship.  She was in all sorts of trouble in Uruk, starting from the Arab patient, her near death accident at the cliff, getting in trouble for helping out one of the girls in the nearby village, caught in  mine field, almost contracted a deadly virus, got herself kidnapped by Captain YSJ former comrade, was shot during her rescue and so on.   

These turn of events were the turning points of their relationship. And to me that was the gist of the whole drama. 

Both eyes were locked to each other the moment they saw each other.  My personal favourite scene when the earthquake happens in the fictional country of Uruk.  Captain Yoo Si Jin aka Big Boss came to the scene of earthquake.  That was the "moment" for me.

This drama is a straightforward story and the stories unfolds effortlessly together.  It goes with the personal conflicts of the hero and heroin. As their personal feelings and emotions gets entangled with the tragedies that struck, brought them together in the midst of their own battle of emotions.

I consider Captain Yoo Sii Jin as something like a swashbuckler always saving his damsel in distress.  That particular damsel too seems to always get in trouble with or without him around. **Chuckling away***

As much as Dr Kang tries to keep her distance fate seems to draw them nearer to each other.  As for the Captain, you can't blame him to fall for such beauty who has a sharp tounge and smart and witty at the same time.  They are one perfect couple indeed.  

Big Boss and Beauty  swearing their love and loyalty to each other.  This is one the many sweet lovey-dovey scenes between them.  Just love this on-screen couple.  Make it real guys...please....

And he is so much attracted to her that most of the time he just can't take his eyes off her. The Captain sure does a lot of staring when she's around.

The character Captain Yoo Sii Jin is a perfect character.  He is not pushy when it comes to getting all the answers from Dr Kang as he trusts her decisions.  I just love how he reacted by letting her go every time KMY rejected him.  He doesn't throw a fit but instead let things go by.  But he finally admitted and that was one of the best scene for me.  ***sigh***   

Another memorable scene, the Captain confesses his feelings and told Dr KMY he is serious about it.
At the moment, I have not move on even now that the drama has ended. Still watching the drama repeatedly and still crying and laughing like nobody business. LOL!!!   There were so many memorable scenes that I am unable to pick which one is the most outstanding.  I am spoiled for choices as there were simply unforgettable.  Everything in the drama complements each other perfectly.  I can't identify any flaws, if there is any all is forgiven as everything appeals to me, I get to laugh as much as I cry.  Not forgetting the goosebumps that I get whenever there is any romantic scene between Big Boss and Beauty. Somehow, its the way he touched her face, running his fingers through her hair or touching her cheek and lips, just staring or looking into each other eyes or mere hugging suffice.  Not forgetting the stolen kisses scene. ***Sigh***  or and one more thing, the Captain and Beauty sure "talks" a lot with their eyes.

Need I say more?  I don't expect others to share my opinion on this, like I said, I am still gu gu ga ga over the drama.  It has been quite sometime I come across such drama or movie particularly from Asia to have such an effect on me. I don't get to see something like this nowadays.  No need for any bed scene or lustful kissing etc, just watching the lovers having their lovers' spat and bickering is enough to bring a smile and laughters. These are things which are common in any relationship which you can relate to.

I was down in tears from laughing at some comical/jokes  and was in tears watching her crying at the earthquake scene and the devastation of losing him when he was pronounced dead.   I could feel her anguish, sorrow and frustrations after his "death". 

One of my favourite scene, Capt YSJ tying up Dr KMY boot lace right after he gave his troops words of motivation etc.  I am not sure what is the significant of this but I guess it was his way of apologising for leaving her without saying goodbye and that he was glad she was unhurt. 

It has been a roller-coaster of emotion ride watching DOTS.  This is one of the many memorable love story that blends with everything.  DOTS is indeed very special to me now.  I have read the reviews, the DOTS bug rules at the moment especially in the Asian region. As for request for DOTS 2 I totally disagree. What was shown already is enough and let DOTS remain memorable and special as it is.  This is my kind of a drama that I always look forward to.  Asian style kind of love story and DOTS is indeed a breather from the usual romance drama that we have nowadays.  I am looking forward to get my own original copy of DOTS soon.  

I wish I can type more but then  I will be repeating myself.  Wishing to see Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo in another project together soon.  Seriously guys, both of you look good together!!!

Note to self: I am patting myself on the shoulder as this is the longest entry eversince I started blogging a few years and this was possible because of the Captain and his Beauty DOTS... 


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