[HIT] CNBLUE - Can't Stop 유희열의 스케치북.20140314

[HIT] CNBLUE - Can't Stop 유희열의 스케치북.20140314

Before watching WGM, CNBLUE was something that I never heard of.  But after watching the whole episod I began to follow their progress especially Jong Yong Hwa.  I may have been left behind for not knowing their existence I just have to blog about them.

WGM is an eye-opener indeed for me and I am really enjoying the program.  However some of the couples went overboard but some left me dazing away with their awesome chemistry.  My favourite and personal favourite is the Goguma Couple (YongSeo) and 2 Y Couple(Woo Young and Park Seo Young).  I was squealing laughing at their first interactions and cried so much when the program ended and everytime watching their episodes I still end up laughing and crying.  Most of the time I avoided watching the final episodes of both couples as it leaves my heart aching for them.

Will continue to review about these two couples soon.  


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