I lost a friend yesterday morning, we were not close before but I know her from my ITM days. We occasionally bumped into each other, we smiled and exchange our hi's and hellos. We stayed in the same hostel and would always see each other in the toilet wbile doing our washing etc. She was a beautiful girl then though quite skinny but she has beautiful smiling eyes.Met her again when I was working at the bank, she was doing sales for one of the local hotels then. That was the last I saw of her. Her name popped up again a few years later when a friend and my sister mentioned about her. She was doing unit trust then. And then the last time was yesterday morning. My sister called me and told me that she passed away early yesterday caught me by surprise. She was going to be 42 this coming November, a month older than me. Allah lebih menyayangi mu Su. Moga rohmu dicucuri rahmat hendaknya. Alfatihah.

And this morning I received an sms that was quite disturbing and worries me. A friend who is apparently very sick shared with me her fears. I cried for a while after reading her sms and immediately called another friend who was very close to her before.

(will mood...)


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