Voting time........

And so the day has finally come, election time. Saya bukan ahli politik jauh sekali minat dengan politik. I only have these to say, I can't really stand comments and critics yang too much posted at fbs and everywhere else- it applies to both the ruling and opposition supporters-people when they follow their hearts and set aside their heads  they forgot about the basic teachings and the good values instilled in them:( They become mean, deceitful, ruthless and less human.   You can have different opinion and political views but don't stop behaving like a unethical human beings. I mean, seriously it is saddening to see people with good education background swearing and cursing in order to put across their views and stands across.

I simply hoped that the freedom of speech will not be abused.   Freedom of speech does not mean that you can go around  spreading hate messages. 

Pangkah la sapa-sapa yang disokong ya 5hb Mei kelak owh.   So, to all Malaysian, selamat mengundi ya.
My prayers and hope that Malaysia will always be a peaceful, prosperous and united.


jim said…
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