I miss cooking and baking

Assalamualaikum dear blog,
The last 3 months has been quite a challenging time for the whole family. My brother fell sick and most of my routine were interrupted. I was not able to cook or bake as he seems to have major problem with all the smell that comes from cooking and baking.  Entahla...jenis penyakit macam ya pun ada juak owh...
I have been itching to cook and bake eversince  but somehow I have not started. Entahlah ...bila agaknya nak start balik my baking and cooking..mmm  And as usual macam2 jak yang tengah dipikir.nak berjual barang makan lah...next year dah mula nak bayar HL...***sigh***

Whatever it is, life goes on kan...yang penting never give up and work hard my dear.
I don't want to know or rather I don't want to deal with what ifs?....

Credit to Brian Tracy FB



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