I am head over heels when it comes to this golden screen couple.  To me, they are by far the best onscreen couple though they denied the fact humbly.  I can rave endlessly about them and I honestly can say that they have some kind of mystical power that seems to charm their fans.  Dilwale is their 7th film together in a span of 22 years and believe me their chemistry is magical and mysterious such that I am always enchanted and get carried away at times.  Seeing them together again gives me the goosebumps, everytime without fail. Personally, I think Rohit Shetty should have explore more of their intense love story in the movie and it is unfortunate that both had to share the screen with Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. ***sigh***

And after 15 years, 4 months and 10 days, the love stories just never end cos some can't let go and one of them is yours truly.

 My favourite picture of all

The first time I watched the movie with this particular scene the audience were cheering, whistling and cheering at the sight of SRK & Kajol.  This was the scene where SRK first met Kajol and this scene made my cry as the sight of them felt so real.

The five minute date.

The anguish face of Raj after confronting Meera at the beach.

Snippet from the song Gerua (Colors of Saffron)


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