Descendants of the Sun - Memorable lines

Here goes, some of my favourite memorable lines from DOTS.

"Don't feel embarrassed just because I found out that you like me.
Even so, it doesn't change the fact that I like you more.." -Big Boss

I really missed you. No matter what I did, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I tried tiring myself out. I tried hard to forget. I drank and did everything I could. But I still missed you a lot. -- Yoo SiJin

Dont scare her. Dont' talk to her. Dont touch her. It is me you should deal with. 

"Should I apologize or confess my feelings?

"I'm shutting your mouth in a sexy way"

 Doctors don't have boyfriends they're too busy - Big boss
Soldiers don't have girlfriends too much hardwork- Dr.Kang
( staring at each other) 

Who will answer? - Big Boss

The faith that I have to protect children, beauties and the elderly. that is patriotism to me- Captain Yoo

"I like this guy named Yoo Shi Jin the best among all males living on this earth …
We totaled three cars…
We fell in water together…

We fought through a disease together…
and …
I have a gunshot wound because of him too…
Even so…
I like him so much …
Because he was never cowardly…
He was honorable at all times…and
He was handsome at all times … too"

"Love compels us to do things for others that they can do themselves" 

Thankfully, you aren't hurt. I've been regretting not saying goodbye to you before I left on that day. I can't be with you so please be careful.

Dr. Kang: "Please look ahead of you, if you don't you'll get into an accident.
Captain Yoo: “We should be able to find him since this is the only road.”
Dr. Kang: “Thank goodness.”

Captain Yoo: “Were you able to get some sleep?”
Dr. Kang: “You didn't allow me to sleep.”
Captain Yoo: “About last night….”
Dr. Kang: “I'm avoiding that topic, but it seems like you haven't noticed.”
Captain Yoo: "Why are you avoiding it?"
Dr. Kang: "Because I am confused. Until I can sort out my feelings, I'm going to avoid it as much as possible."
Captain Yoo: "Avoiding it is fine, being angry is fine too, but I hope you don't think you've been attacked.
I finally did it after hesitating like a thousand times."

One of my superiors told me this on my first day as a Captain of the Special Forces "Soldiers always live with a shroud on. When you die in nameless land for the sake your country the place of your death becomes your grave and your uniform becomes your shroud. This should be your mind-set whenever you put on your uniform. If you have put in on with such mind-set be honorable at every moment. There is no reason to fall short" - 

If I knew I would die like this. Then I would have told you my true feelings. I got kissed by an amazing man. My heart was continually fluttering because of that.. -Beauty

I was fine until a while ago ... now i want to break out of here ... BECAUSE OF SOMEONE


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