RIP Kim Jong Hyun | Breathe

I was totally surprised when I read the news of his tragic demise last night.  Am not a fan of Shinee but he was gone too soon at 27 years old.    I first saw him in We Got Married (one of the variety program in South Korea) when one of the member "married" another member from the group Apink.  He seems bright and cheerful and always seem to be the happiest. The happiest always seem to suffer the most.  I began to watch some of their videos and listening to their songs.  He is such a super talented artist but it seems that he was battling depression badly which lead to his death yesterday. Whatever it is, I hoped he did find his peace finally.  You are like a candle lighting the others whereas you are actually suffering deeply. Good people like Jong Hyun are like candles, they burn themselves up to give others light.  RIP Jong Hyun, you can finally rest now.  

Credit to the owner of the YT.   


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