And the conversation goes like this...

L: I miss him!

N: Is that a statement or declaration ger?... Sabar jaklah. Btw, nak nanyak kau...Are you in love with him? (Thought about it initially but didn't manage to ask her then)

P: Yes, I am!. sik pernah aku rasa cam tok not even with my x-bf.

N: owh????!!!...ok (clueless what to say next...and after a while while rummaging thru the papers in my hand and looked at her) Kau tauk kan he's engaged so I hope you just let go lah, it's not easy ok, I've been there and I know, it hurts but you have to decide what's best for you.

P: I don''t have a choice...(she gave me the kesian look)

N: ooo sayang... You have choices and you can decide you know, kau jak sik maok molah choice ya. Still, if you want to suffer and wait for him, up to you but honestly you are wasting your time. Kau masih mudak bah.. 26 yrs old fair to yourself...(actually wanted to say some more but I fear that she would think that I am such a nag and talking way tooooo I just stop there..teehehehe...over kan?..)

She walked up to my table and sat in front of me with her shoulders hunched. (Doh!..dah parah mbiak tok eh!) said to myself

L: Benci aku eh! (And then she put her head down on the table) Nya sik sms aku agik...! She looked at me again.

N: (Smiled) Biarnya bah..give him space, aku dah madah ngan kau nak...sooooooooo?... do you know that you are being so pushy! You're giving him more pressure la...nya serba salah ya, nya tunang orang bah and it's a complicated relationship ok. Kau org luar, orang lain akan nyalah kau bah ....let it rest ok...

L: Aku tauk tapi aku sik suka bah...

N: apa yang kau sik suka...nya sik kedak dolok, masa mula2nya kenal ngan kau...?

L: aoklah, I miss the old him!

N: Biasalah orang laki, mula2 nak kenal, ayat-ayat jak power koh and then malar jak bersms, kak ya....ish.....malasku nak madah eh, you know the drill....

All these conversations happened within this week, every now and then she would come up to me and share with me her thoughts and feeling. Ada lagik sebenarnya, tunggu lok be continued.


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