"Face-lift" errrrrr.........."blog-lift"...whateverrrrr

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I have been struggling(hard work konon2 la kan?!!!...) to give my blog a "face-lift, ingat muka ajak k face-lift" kah?.."***giggling****...come to think of it, I guess(in my own way) a blog-lift" ïs more appropriate right? Frankly, I am bored with this template, the font is just too small for my 43 years old eye", plus the fact that I think that this template is not attractive enough. So why on earth did I chose the template in the first place. Me dunno either...laaaaaaaaa, what an excuse!!!

Drooling over all the gorgeous templates.
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I have no problems searching for the templates however I had a major problem. Being "a-not-technical-kind-of-a-person it is such a nightmare having to read and trying to grasp the whole idea. First have to download, then the file goes under zip file and then you have to unzip the file and bla, bla, bla....*yikes* aiyayaayayayaya...in between the frustrations of having to endure the whole process, I stopped to think and said to myself..."will it ever end?"..My brain cell it too rustic to digest all those stuff ya. To the lucky ones that can easily understand and able to translate those IT stuff in simple English, of course it's no big deal I suppose. To me, it is....***sigh*** BUTTTT!!! I am saying aloudly to myself that I will get it done and I hope to achieve that say...this weekend...????? Mmmmmmm... hard to say no?!!

Am lost!!!! where do I go, what next? what to do?...

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At times I am envious of people putting up such efforts to make their blog look sooooooooo colorful and full of stuff, I mean really the good stuff. But of course, looking back at myself,I do not have any intention at all to make my blog a fanciful one. I am not a creative person period!!. My blog will be as simple as I want it to be, afterall, whatever I pour here are simply some scribbles of myself and things that I feel that I want to share here. ***shrug***(and frankly, it doesn't bother me at all if nobody reads my blog).


Blogwalking has certainly helped and gave me an idea what the whole picture of blogging is all about. On top of that, I gained a lot of infos. Whether it's the crappy stuff or informative stuff, people still want to know. And that depends again how you define whether stuff you read is crap or not!. Even if posting ala syok sendirik pun posting juak namanya kan. Oh my!..Dah melelat indah ehs, oklah back to the topic. Talking about those blogs, here are some of them.I love to go to LG reading about her experience with her family in Australia. I referred to some of her recipes too and so far I have already tried one or two recipes already. My family just loved her version of the crustless quiche.

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Another blog that I must visit daily is CMG This guy can really cook and I just love his food presentation and simple recipes. He even shows you to do them step by step. I tried some of his recipes and all turn out to be ok. Tapi CMG merajuk la aritok, I guess some irresponsible party has upset him again. Just click the link peeps.

Likewise, I would go to almost all the cooking blog there is and some of them are already my favourites, for eg this one, this one this one

And for some non-cooking blog, I love to hang out here
, here, here, here

this Borneo Lady too, and once in a while I like it here

For some fun and laughter I simply love this one Coki and at times maca miak
tok ngerepak.

Last but not least of course, I certainly wouldn't want to end up like this lady here trying to install a new template successfully. LOL!!!

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