Palm Beach Resort, Sematan

Jambatan Lundu
Menuju ke simpang Sematan/Lundu

Main entrance


Around noon time, very, very, very hot.

Thought this would be nice for the blog

Picking more shells

Wonder what is she thinking?...Pa direnung kitak ya Mbok?..Kacak nak beach ya..

Some shells that I collected along the beach.This was at the entrance on our way out of the resort.

Last Saturday, me and a few friends went to Palm Beach Resort, Sematan for a little picnic. Sematan is about 98km away from Kuching and accessible by road. (Mun sik setegal nak nanga tanah orang, memang sik akan sampei ke Sematan or Lundu pun)It took us about an hour or so to reach the place. The weather was very hot that day, got myself sun-burned too, huhuhu. I love to go to the beach. I was brought up in Miri so that explains why I love the beach so much(not all Mirians lalek kedak aku...hehehehehe) Living in Kuching has sort of deprived me of going to the beach every now and then, though Santubong beach is nearer to my house, I don't find it as good as the ones in Miri though. I miss Miri so much....the beach of course plus some good old friends there.

When I first came to Palm Beach Resort, a couple weeks ago, I fell in love with the place immediately...and those sweet memories flash in my mind. Well, at least rindu aku dgn Miri terubat la sikit. You know what I mean once you see the pictures. I don't like crowded beaches, I prefer the secluded ones.


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