Rambungan, Lundu

Tgh tension tunggu org, merapu meraban ngan pokok jaklah....

In a few years time, we won't be seeing any of these anymore. Highway coming up soon.

I like this one...though i shd have snapped the house too..

Hakisan pantai yang ketara. At the far end, Gunung Santubong

Byknya pokok nyior..

Rambungan Beach, Lundu/Sampadi

We had the opportunity to visit Kpg Rambungan, Lundu yesterday around late noon. Had an appointment with a friend who wanted to show a piece of land which is located there. Still tired from the picnic last Saturday, I went along. The trip to Kpg Rambungan was not that far though. We only used the ferry once to go across Sungai Rambungan.


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