Busy as a bumble bee

Agik juak!!!...kekekeke(kalah artis fofular)...
Kak Ma, Rosmie, Sue, Yen & me(L-R)
Geng gila bergambar..hehehehehe
Our very own 10-lane bowling alley in the campus
Bilik Mesyuarat Utama
Bilik Mesyuarat Utama
Bar corner
Another view of Staff Lounge
The new Staff Lounge

Been so busy since last week, esp last Thursday and Friday. Ada sidak mesyuarat khas TTNC A & A dgn KP, KPTM. Biasalah jadi sekretariat and usherette. Kerja sampei malam, balit dr kampus dlm kol 11 malam gia. Then the following morning turun awal cos meeting start jam 0830 pagi. My weekend was busy too trying to push for some more infos with another group of broker. At times, I just realised that my life is tupsy-turvy lately.


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