Can't seem to decide what to write for this entry. Something is actually bothering me, a matter of the heart of course(guess I have to keep that to myself). Anyway, this morning I received a fax from the CM's Office. Me and another two colleagues dipilih jadi LO k program dgn bini2 wakil rakyat BN. Sik juak terkejut cos dah dipadah awal oleh Janot last month. Since that the letter is out, each of us has to inform boss masing2 la mintak pelepasan. But then again, the dates actually clash dengan Majlis Konvo. This year's convocation will be held on 10 - 13 August 2008. This year ada 5 sidang compared to 4 sidang jak last year. Yalah, student pun dah makin rami, campus pun dah besar.


cekputeh said…
Kak Ann, thanks for the birthday wish!

Bila kita nak makan2 ni? Kak Ann tak turun kl?
Cokelatrawkz said…
heheeh. wah, bestnya jd LO. bah gineilah kitak jd pegi sik?

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