A lot of things happened since my last update. But the one that has really disturbed me and my friend was a business deal gone sour last week. That particular week was full of anxiety here and there and finally it turn out to be a hoax! Either we were being double-crossed or God has something better for us in future, I don't know. Therefore to cure ourselves of the heart-break, we just pushed some more lands for sale. Ya....am doing part-time job as a broker now. Been seriously doing it for the last 4 months, so far none of the deal were successful but I am very positive that one of these days, I'll be getting a fat cheque. Have to have a lot of patience and persistence to do this. It's not easy initially but as you go along with the whole thing, it's fun, you get to meet people from all walks of life, some with very interesting characters. Have to be careful and alert for some who simply loves to take advantage of you and just sneak away behind you to get the deal done without including you. And there goes your hard-earned efforts, away with the wind. It's a sick job but if you have passion and love it, you'll learn how to deal with it, like the saying goes, you can't beat them you just join them. Insyallah! I just have to put extra effort.


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