Baking spree...ngeeeeeeee

Entah apa-apa jak tajuk ya, but anyway I just wanna share here that I was on a baking spree (macamlah banyak gilak yang dipolah ku ya...ahaks!!..)during the last CNY holidays. I made a crustless quiche, I mentioned in my earlier posting that I'm not good with pastry, my hands are too warm to do the rub-in-method (I have yet to try using the food processor though, as suggested by Rachel Allen in one of her programs)and bread pudding. Anddddddd...the pudding tastes better a day after...yummylicious indeed. Definitely I'll be making the quiche again,of course I will since that the whole thing was gobbled up on the day itself by my dear sister. (Must be delish to her, tho no comment from her yet....perhaps I make another one plus loads of cheese she would say otherwise..hehehe)

This crustless savoury quiche turns out to be nice and less salty, I have to consider my mum too, she's on strict orders and that is not too salty or too sweet. Will make it again and will put lots of potatoes, sausages, pepper or chilli and loads of cheese. Walla...

This bread pudding turns out to be nice too though aku derhaka banyak2 dengan resepi tok ...LOL!!. Initially I followed the recipe but halfway through, there were lots of additions especially with milk and sugar content...alas am happy that everyone enjoyed it. The pudding too was gobbled up yesterday. Will definitely make that again ...real soon...cos I watched Anna Olson preparing bread banana pudding last evening and her version was super duper simple and saves me from hunting for double cream. Those double cream are not cheap, for a packet of 250ml it's RM5.50 (pricey ya...) whereas a box of 1 litre is around RM14.00 to RM16.00. I have to think I mean really2 think if I were to get one. At times I wish that all those good stuff esp creams, cheese, butter and cereals are cheap. You must be wondering why I used the word hunting huh!..this stuff among other things is very pricey and believe me you don't get to see this on the shelves of every supermarket in town..but if you do, you might as well grab one cos it's like now you see, now you don't(you hardly find any after that.If you're lucky you get to see it again a month later but different brands keep popping out!) Looking at the prices nowadays, it has become luxurious to enjoy good food be it in your house!!!! ****sigh****...what? fretting already...


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