Sambal ikan bilis n kentang aka (dalam bahasa sarawak - Sambal tumis kentang goreng ngan pusuk)

I made this beautiful, super duper easy recipe for dinner last night, while blogwalking I found this here
My Kuali: Sambal ikan bilis n kentang

This is my version, nang nyaman lah and this is definitely in my favourite list already, super duper easy and darn simple. I didn't make any alterations or derhaka to the recipe at all. It's divinely heaven!!! Ya! I know it's only pusuk but the combination of oyster sauce and honey, I tell you mindblowing!!!... Ok! Ok ! Ok! enough of the drooling...ahaks!!!.and all that over a simple dish...nyaman haih!!!..coba lah!!!! won't regret it!!!

Credit to the blog owner. Tq for sharing the recipe with the rest of us here in space. Ngeee...



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