My love for TaeBom Couple

Today, I am dedicating this entry strictly for my favourite MBC We Got Married Couple, the TaeBom Couple.

 A visit to Bomi's house and making Kimchi together.

 Their Wedding Photoshoot
  Bomi's first kiss to Tae Joon.. He worked hard for it and suffered too.  Anyway, its all in the name of love right Tae Joon?

 Their first household shopping
 Proudly showing off the lipstick marks on his cheek.  

 Their first hike soon after their marriage.

 Looking through some old pictures of Bomi and getting jealous unnecessarily.

Celebrating at the Couple Game.  Look at those sparkling faces.  

Pictures are courtesy of Google from MBC and other Korean Entertainment webs, instagrams etc.


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