TaeBom Couple #3


Looking at this particular picture, I get that positive vibe and Bomi is really good at self-controlling her emotions here.  She's hiding it all beneath the smile and the laughters..Tae Joon is himself, sweet, romantic and loving.  

Tae Joon will surely missed putting his hand over her head apart from calling her Yeobo.  Ohhh...so unfair, such a beautiful loving couple makes you cry.  Its not even a real marriage but both gave such a real vibe to the audience that some of us find it hard to letgo of them ....so soon..........

Shy girl Bomi.

To TaeBom couple, you have made me wait to watch you over the weekend for the last 7 monts.  As much I wanted to see both of you longer in WGM, I pray that both of you will be successful in your future endeavours and please go for some real dating please.  Both of you are meant to be for each other.

May your ship sail smoothly, stay and support each other in trouble times and do find it in your hearts to give both the opportunity to know each other better after WGM.

As your fan, you'll have my support always.

Picture credit to MBC, Fans, Instagrams all over the web.  .


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