Back from work yesterday, my mum told me that mum's cousin fondly known as Usu Dillah @ Abang Zarazella Abang Sebli passed away while undergoing dialysis. He was 48, single and working at Ambank KL. He left a daughter (his own niece actually whom he took care after her parent's divorce years ago). Despite suffering kencing manis, sakit jantung and darah tinggi he remains lively as ever though lately I couldn't helped noticing how frail he was. His passion and spirit to enjoy his life was very obvious, nothing stopped him. You can see and hear him cracking naughty vulgar jokes with friends. Likewise, his friends and families treated him as if he was as healthy as ever.

I remembered that he would buy me lunch or dinner after I helped him typing his assignments when he took his degree course a few years ago. I didn't want to accept any payments from him then so I get free lunches and dinners..hehee...

Al-fatihah to my dear Usu Dillah, moga rohmu dicucuri rahmat hendaknya. You will be dearly missed Su.



sHay82 said…
takziah atas kehilangan...kali tok sama ngn usu bos mek org, Abang Abu..
Nur68 said…
thanks ya....n tq for dropping by..mcm coincident ajak lately, I lost a friend, ex-lecturer ITMCS & now my own uncle, all of them were in their 40s.., life goes on.but somehow can't help feeling sad ngenang those who had departed...especially when you know them..

melalut indah dah..anyway happy voting...i can see that Mirians all geared up for the coming election huh, saw the picturs dlm facebook I love Miri ya..

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