Happy Secretaries Week Yáll.

Happy secretaries week to my fellow secretaries. Be it Secretary, Personal Assistant, Confidential Secretary, Confidential Stenographer, Pembantu Tadbir (Kesetiausahaan) or Setiausaha Pejabat, in general we have the same job description yáll (forget the slang ya, dah lamak ada astro beyond di rumah, suka gilak nanga program masakan Paula Deen...those of you yang ada astro beyond pahamlah kan...her southern slang siap dengan sengongnya ya)

This is the general picture of a secretary, in case soooooome of you might not know...hehehe, ada2 jak kan..

Another general picture of a secretary, meja ya kedak meja aku jak...

As for this one, wellllllllll, this picture is among the many that I googled. This particular picture is how some people perceive what a secretary is. Frankly, my last 20 years being a secretary, I have yet to meet one like this. I've been working in a bank & an IT firm before but I've never seen one like this. Of course, we see this in the movies or maybe heard of one but so far no encounter of such kind..hehehee..

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, I love my job and it's fun cos I get to meet lots of people from different walks of life. Plus the fact that I've been blessed with nice understanding bosses till now. I am thankful indeed for that and couldn't ask for more. I grew up with my job and I matured with every little happenings that came with it. There were some baddddd moments that when I thought of it, it brings the smile in me...and sometimes I wished that I could have done better....mmmm...ok, ok, ok, don't wanna cry over spill milk...what's done is done...(waaaaaaa, KMJ mode dah eh...what is KMJ?..Kenangan Mengusik Jiwa koh...kekekkee)

This is my second year that I am not sent for any secretarial conference. Budget constraints kata Unit Latihan, oh well! can't say much on that, whatever lah kan...I'm at the point in my life that I just couldn't be bothered to go for any conference. I'm thankful however that I've been to many conferences previously, at times some of the stuff mentioned are repeated topics. But nowadays, some consultants even come up with attractive package for eg, luxurious door gifts such as perfume, camera, handphones just to get participants for the program. It's quite an issue now with our training unit. Some of my fellow secretaries were affected, I can only listen to their frustrations, drama bagai la kan!!..Can't help you ladies there,.............. Andddddddd, am not going to discuss further on that. Full stop.

Well, me and a few friends have plans to celebrate Secretary's week next week. What else kan?..makan2 & karaoke jaklah....



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