School days

My very first taste of education - Kindergarten located at Police Field Force, Jalan Field Force, Bukit Siol, Petra Jaya Kuching (1972 - 1974) According to my mum, the ASP who was in command at that time did not like to see any of the children playing so much so we were sort of forced to attend kindy at a tender age of 3 years.

1975 - 1979 SRB St. Teresa Padungan, Kuching (Primary 1 - Primary 5)

1980 SRB St. Columba's, Miri (Primary 6)

1981 - 1982 SMB St. Columba's, Miri (Form 1 - Form 2)

1982 (halfway thru 2nd & 3rd term) SMK Limbang, Limbang (continued Form 2)

1983 - 1985 SMB St. Columba's, Miri (Form 3 - Form 5)

1986 (2nd & 3rd term only) SMK Lutong, Lutong, Miri (Lower Six)

Later furthered my studies at UiTM (formerly known as ITM)

Form 5A1, SMB St. Columba's Miri(last day before MCE 1985)
Back Row Standing (L - R, Hj Khalik, Wan Jali, Lily, me, Salliah, Mat Noor, Ranbir, Robin (sitting in front of Ranbir) Middle Row L - R, Biak & Timot
Front Row Sitting L - R, Margaret, Job, Ajik, Gesine (German) & Pauline
Form 5A1, SMB St Columba's Miri (last day before MCE) (L- R Middle Row (Hj Khalik, Manto, Timot, Biak, Yen, Susan. Back row (standing L-R, Roy & me). Front Row (L - R, Wan Jali, Lily & crouching Tony)
Merdeka Parade 1984, Miri (L - R, Sepul, Brinda, Manto, Wan Jali, Freda, Mat Noor, Arexis, Salia, me & Pauline)

This set of photos never cease to amaze me every time I look at them. These pictures were taken back in 1984 and 1985. I was in Form 4A1 and Form 5A1. I really missed them so much and I can still remember a few memorable moments then. I was not that really active back in school, I was timid and a little bit quiet. As my father was a police officer, we moved a lot then. I attended kindergarten for 3 years at the Bukit Siol Training Centre, Jln Astana (the place is gone and Bangunan MASJA has replaced it). From 1975 till 1979 I was at St. Teresa, Padungan, Kuching. Later my father was transferred to Miri, I completed my primary school at SRB St Columba's and continued at SMB St. Columba's (1980 - 1985) In between that time, my father was transferred to Limbang in 1982 for about 7 months only. We moved to Limbang and I was in Form 2A at SMK Limbang only for 2 terms. I continued my 3rd term back to SMB St Columba's, Miri. I attended Lower Six at SMK Lutong for a while after obtaining MCE certificate.


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