I just don't know what's happening to the world nowadays. Prices hiking up here and there and everywhere, the pinch is really bad, ever since the increase in petrol price. It gets on my nerve already. The government has suggested that we change our lifestyle etc. Ya, of course we can change our lifestyle, tapi sampei bila. The hike has definitely created a chain reaction nationwide. I'm so scared to drive nowadays and worst, I don't feel like going to the supermarket anymore, I feel so sad when I look at the prices. For eg, I used to get a Maggie Oyster Sauce for just $3.40 and now it's $4.00, some sell it at $4.50. Personally I think they should walk the talk first. Fine, I can deal with that (for now) but the hike of the petrol, gosh..rasa cam nak nangis jak...huhuhuhu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How I wish.....................................


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