Reunion Dinner 17/05/2008

(L-R) Beth, Reen, Dyg, Sue & me

My former lecturers (L-R) Mdm Pauline Achan, me, Puan Lelawati, Mdm Pauline Jau & Mdm Lucilla Abbey

Christmasy & me (classmates of year '88 - '90)

Group photo of senior and junior with former lecturers

Having fun on the floor with Poco-Poco................again

(L-R) Evelin, Rosa, Juliana & Janot

(L-R) Juliana, Janot, Christmasy, Kak Faz

(L-R) Miela and Jennifer (classmates of '89 - '91) Miela is now in KK and Jennifer in Kuching

Kak Faz with one of her many2 songs for that night

Silest and Janot having fun

Joget Lambak

2nd Performance of belly dancing...
One of the performances for the evening, Belly dancing

The efficient secretariat, Silest, Janot and Juliana

Dinner was fun that night though on a small scale, we managed to enjoy ourselves to the maximum. Some of us had not seen each other since graduation day. But most of us are in contact with each other due to work of course. Felt so good meeting old familiar faces and sweet memories of those were the days was the main topic of conversation then. Some came as far as from KK and Bintulu to join the reunion. Former lecturers graced the dinner. I will never forget all that you have done to us, Puan Lelawati (fondly known as Lah), Mdm Lucilla Abbey (can never forget her English classes which was full of tears & laughters), Mdm Pauline Achan and Mdm Pauline Jau (Shorthand and Trengkas). But I can never forget one of the typing classes that we had. Those days, we were using the Olympia & Olivetti typewriter for our typing lessons.

A few funny and hilarious incidents happened during the typing classes, halfway typing you may get one or two of your fingers caught between the keyboards, or you may have to change the ribbon and the best thing, as you get to go to the next line, don't be surprised if the upper part of the typewriter would just "fly" away much to our amusement then. "Those were the days my friend, we thought it never ends, we sing and dance......."


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