(Dlm senyum ada duka, dalam tawa ada tangis....mmmmmm) this pic was taken whilst in a tension mood. Well, that's me. Come rain or shine I will still smile.

I was very surprised to read an email from an old friend this morning. Sincerely, I did not know that the email that I've forwarded to her and to some old friends had sort of hurt her so much. I replied her email and told her that it was unintentional. We have been friends and neighbours staying at the Police Field Force Riam Camp during my primary and secondary school back in Miri.

A lot of things happened this morning actually, I was not in a good mood, nearly lost my temper with somebody. Unbelievably I was able to control my temper. After saying a few sarcastic words over the phone, I just hung up. I am beginning to doubt him and frankly he is such a coward. Urghhh!!! Nevertheless, I just put that aside and look forward to the rest of the day.

What next huh?!


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