Aamir Khan

While surfing I came across Aamir Khan's blog. I was not surprised though just doubtful whether it was really him doing the blogging. Me, as inquisitive as ever, I signed up for his blog and posted two comments. He is such a good actor blessed with such a cute smile and beautiful eyes. Lol...here I go again..... Tehehehhehehe....frankly I don't expect him to reply but if he really did, that would be so sweet of him. Ya right!!!! Oh well, afterall I'm one of his fans all over the world. So?.....(giggling away..)As I read through his blog, I'm so intrigued and enjoyed reading it so much that I've added his blog in my favourite folder. Hey, this guy is really good ya, I mean the way he expressed himself, his thoughts, his comments etc. Obviously he reads a lot and is very well-informed with current issues worldwide. His writing has sort of inspired me to read and write more. Check it out. http://www.aamirkhan.com/blog.htm
Credit to Kajolmania.net for all pictures.


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