Ngiti Pupuh, Ngepicet Rurum (Mengenali Saudara-mara Untuk Mengeratkan Silaturahim)

The Lun Bawangs of Sarawak
Beautiful maidens from the Tagal community also of Lun Bawang descent posing with Raqee

Another group photo of us with Hayato at far right.

Clockwise (Djen, me, Dr Kasing & family, Ellen and Raqee. Missing is Hayato aka Hayat)

Lun Bawang lasses doing a traditional dance.

Playing the National Anthem "Negara Ku"

Beautiful ladies of the Lun Bawang ethnic group

(if your tongue is twisted just by reading the above title, it's in Lun Bawang language plus the translation)
I was invited by my colleague to attend dinner on 25/04/2008 at Dewan Suarah. Dinner was organised by the Persatuan Lun Bawang Sarawak, Cawangan Kuching. I was thrilled of course, as this is the first time am attending one. My colleague did mention that she only invited people who appreciates this kind of thing. She added further to bear with the speeches of the invited VIPs. Ya, I know for a fact that our local YBs have the knack of making long speeches..hehehehe...oh well, that's why they are YBs (they have to speak up what!)...ehhehehehe. Being a Lun Bawang herself, naturally she supports every effort being done by her association to uphold their culture and tradition. I would definitely do the same too. Interestingly, I only knew that she and another colleague was by far the only PhD holders from her small community. That to me is an achievement already and something to be proud of naturally. Knowing how kampung folks regard highly of educated people. Since she bought a table, we brought along three internationals (two of them are doing their masters and one of is on attachment with our International Relations Unit, Raqeee an Iraqi, Ellen an American and the last one is Hayato or fondly known as Hayat, a Japanese) Of course, the purpose is to expose them to the diversity of Sarawak cultures and ethnic group. Being a Melanau Sarawakian, I uphold my culture highly and proud to be one.
The Lun Bawang populations are concentrated in the northern part of Sarawak especially in Lawas and Limbang plus some parts of Sabah especially in areas bordering Sarawak and Sabah. The Lun Bawangs together with the Muruts, Bisaya, Kenyah, Kayan, Kelabit are categorised as the Org Ulu in Sarawak. Practically there are cousins but of course with different languages and cultures. Compared to the Kayans, Kenyahs and Kelabits they do not have long ears and please do not associate their music with the Sape. Sape is a guitar-like instrument which is synonm with the traditional music for Kayan, Kenyah and Kelabit. Lun Bawang together with the rest of the Org Ulu group are known for their intricate and beautiful beadings which are noticeable in their costumes and headgears.


Raqee said…
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Raqee said…
It was heavily raining that day; I had come with Hayato and Ellen by taxi to Dewan Suarah. It was beautiful moments cannot be forgotten and may not be repeated. Regrettably, I have no email or facebook of Ellen. Double thank you to Dr. Kasing who invited us and to you Norly for this nice blog.

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